It's Biden (Why Not Pia)?!

I opened up MSNBC this morning and saw the news that Obama has picked Biden. Probably a smart move … experience and gravitas and whiteness and all. I was kinda hoping for something more interesting – but would rather win. So Biden seems good. Biden I can live with. (But wouldn’t Pia have been fun?)

I’m gonna have to shift gears eventually … but there are still some soccer tidbits worth sharing. (And, of course, we are still waiting for Beulah’s final word on the whole thing … so bear with me.) Come to think of it, I’d have liked a Pia/Beulah shared VP slot. Hmmmm … I digress …

There’s lots of new stuff on the WNT Blog, including some video … and the promise of more. (I’d like to see some footage of Sunil on his knees, offering a new contract to Pia … anyone get any photos of that???)

We’ve got Andrea Canales on Sideline Views, where her post prompted a discussion that turned into yet another argument about the whole Women’s World Cup fiasco. Lindsey Dolich has also weighed in with her match report and player ratings.

Here’s a sweet article from South Jersey’s Courier-Post about Carli Lloyd and her disciplined road to the Olympics. Carli, you definitely deserve some R&R at “the Shore.” Go for it, girl!

In another piece (from the NBC Olympics site) I love what Carli says about Pia:

“Everything about Pia is contagious — her smile, her laugh, her singing, her guitar playing,” Lloyd said. “She just believes in every single one of us and I never wanted to win so bad for a coach in my entire life. She’s is going to take this team and really change U.S. women’s soccer.”

It’s nearly time to move on to the conventions … sigh. We will explore how many homes John McCain owns … and, perhaps more disturbingly, why he is not able to remember how many homes he owns.

I think that as a prerequisite for running for the White House (which is, after all, another home) candidates should be expected to know their baseline number of homes. Don’t you?

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2 Responses to It's Biden (Why Not Pia)?!

  1. Hey Daniel – Thanks very much for the response and the links. (And sorry for my slow reply … this got mixed up in my spam filter)!


  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Jordy

    You can see Sunil’s proposal (video) at Also contains some talk in Swedish and random people partying. And more partying in another Aftonbladet video at



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