Winding Down, Winding Up

CharlieHopbrew In The GreenlanderWow – it’s very hard to believe that August is nearly over. It’s back to school time … the leaves are starting to have that wee bit of color that portends major changes … and my vacation is winding down.

Today I am at the “vacation wind down phase” where I struggle with all the things I did not get done. A few hours of that and I’ll be okay and prepared to appreciate the last couple of days before I head back to work.

The Olympics have wound down … the medals have been handed out … and now the Dem’s are wound up out there in Mile High City. Here’s hoping for a great bounce into the fall election season!

I’ve added a new blog to my “Blogs We Like” listing – Main St. USA – which is penned by “truth” and is focused on matters of interest to the reality-based-community … including liberal politics and women’s soccer … a combo I find difficult to argue with!

On the baseball front, the Phillies and the Red Sox both won in 11 innings. Good for them. Ah, but now I must go focus on lamenting what I have not done … so that I can get through that phase and move on!


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