Pia Being Pia!

Wow – I read today in the Swedish press that Pia has turned down an invitation from Dubya to visit the White House and be graced by his presence.

I didn’t actually think I could like him less today than I did on July 28 (just to select a random date).  But after watching his smirking conversation with Bob Costas during the Olympics … well … I do.  That he should derive any pleasure or any gratification or anything resembling a small hard-on from the performances of our athletes and coaches just makes me sputter!

So thank you, Pia … and I hope you don’t take a lot of flack for having principles and intelligence and just a smidgen of chutzpah!

Meanwhile, there was some bad news for Bush look-alike Greg Ryan’s Wolverine’s.  They initiated their first soccer season under his inspiring leadership with a 7-0 loss to Notre Dame7-0!  In an oddly predictable coaching move, Mr. Ryan used three goalies (presumably serially, but one can’t be absolutely sure).  I don’t think that any of them have been interviewed … yet!

And finally here’s a nice article from the Wilton, CT newspaper about Kristine Lilly in her new role as a mom.  (I am so very pleased to read that she wants to play for the Breakers!)  The article seems to indicate that she’d be part of the allocation, but I think they must be wrong about that, as she’s not currently a USWNT player.  (All the better for the Breakers, I say!)

One last thought on the allocation (since I brought it up).  As MLD and I were discussing on the way up Mt. Kearsarge last Saturday, it will be to the advantage of the USWNT if Marta, Christiane, Daniela, et al are not paired up on any WPS teams … and certainly not in St. Louis (where Jorge Barcellos, Brazil’s national team coach, will be coaching the WPS team).  I’m all for the development of women’s soccer … but we don’t need to be giving the Samba Queens any extra time to get their mojo going.

Mojo, by the way, is going to be HollyCornblog’s screen name in one of her FFootball leagues … just thought I’d throw that in!  πŸ˜‰

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