Barack Obama Nominated by Acclamation … and Some Other Interesting Stuff … Really!

To my mind, this was one of the finest moments in quite a collection of ’em over the past couple of days.  Bill came through last night, too.

The historic milestone that Obama’s nomination represents is both cause for celebration and cause for sadness … because in 2008 we should be well beyond celebrating this as a milestone.  (And we shouldn’t still be waiting to celebrate the milestone that Hillary represents.)  But celebrate we will!  And I can’t wait to hear/see Obama’s speech tonight!

On a less celebratory front, I saw, before bed, that the Phillies lost to the Mets last night.  Dang.  The race in the NL East is not going to be relaxing.  The Red Sox made it look easy as they pummeled the Yankees.  Oh, and Michael Phelps is hosting SNL on September 13th!

I spent a chunk of time yesterday exploring Ubiquity, a prototype recently released by Mozilla which I downloaded and played with yesterday and which is absolutely amazing!  I am sure that I’ve explored only a small fraction of what it can do -and so far, I find its search functionality very user friendly and accessible.  You should give it a shot when you have a moment.  Definitely worth the trip!

Lake LightningAnd I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention HollyCornblog, and a little something about soccer.  First – you must check out these USWNT pictures on Angela Hucles’ site.  They are a hoot!  Speaking of pictures, this post includes an amazing photo that HollyCornblog took at the lake.

Melissa, in The Offside offers some predictions about the WPS and some insights into the upcoming combines and allocations.  (Check out the comments … where JordanCornblog gets into a small dust up with a gentleman named Joe!)  From the Breakers’ site, here’s more on the combines and allocations.

… and now it’s back to work!  😉

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