Transitions … Continued

It’s “hump day” and I’m heading back to work tomorrow after a LONG vacation.  This morning I’m celebrating the Phillies’ amazing come from behind win over the Mets.  (Can you say first place?)  Seven runs down and they come back and win it in the 13th.  Go Phillies!  That … and the Red Sox pummeled the Yankees.  Nice work, boys!

Updates:  CB must be starting her new job soon (if she hasn’t already). Here’s to your new adventure in teaching!  And HollyCornblog and the rest of the Phantastic Phootball Phanatics are getting their Fantasy Football teams in order.  (Go Pliny!  Hope you do well even if you have WAY TOO MANY Giants and Cowboys on your roster!)  JBD is off this morning to judge some 4H exhibits at the Hopkinton Fair … and me?  I’ll be working on the computer and getting my head together for getting back to work.

Fall GardensAnyway … I was saying …I am heading back to work and I feel like these past couple of days I’ve been watching the season change before my eyes. The gardens are all decked in late-August, early-September hues and the night air is cool.  The tomatoes are heavy, the peaches are ripening, and it’ll soon be time to harvest the basil and make pesto to freeze.  (Don’t be fooled – pesto-making is about the extent of my domesticity – and the garden fare is mostly all JBD’s doing!)

The Olympics are over and the high school and college soccer seasons are about to get underway, which means we’ll be following the usual teams … Belmont (although not as avidly, as RPE’s high school days fade to deeper and deeper memory) and Bates, and probably Swarthmore in some desultory way … and then of course the NCAA tournament – but I’m getting WAY ahead of myself!

Back to SchoolWe’ve seen RPE off to “sleep-away school” as we called it during the waning days of her summer at home.  I remember always loving the feeling of the start of an academic year … and still enjoy the sense of a new beginning that fall carries with it.  That, and the feelings of foreboding – as winter approaches and life (certainly in New England) gets just-a-tad harder!  This year the change of season carries with it the anticipation of the coming election – and all the freight of hope (and fear) that it brings.

Bus StopFinally – there is what has gone by.  As RPE left yesterday, I walked down the driveway with my camera and snapped a photo at the bottom … of the spot where she used to wait for the bus.  Why is it that autumn always seems to bring with it some sweet nostalgia for times gone by?

As I ask the question I realize how rhetorical it is – how obvious the metaphor.  Fall is the seasonal embodiment of loss.  As the days shorten and the twilight turns to deepening sepia shades, we think of the summer gone by and anticipate the cold season to come.  Bitter and sweet

Meanwhile, Hillary spoke to the Dems last night and pretty much everyone (with the exception of Maureen Dowd) seemed to think she did well.  If Rachel Maddow liked her speech, it’s good with me!  (I was going to post some You Tube video but haven’t been able to get the audio working on my computer this morning for some reason … so I can’t preview it to see if it’s worth putting up.)

Ah well … peace out!

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