Here we go!  As the USWNT soccer news slowly dwindles, the news on the political front picks up.  Here’s a link to Michelle Obama’s speech from last night (text and video), and here’s a link to video and an article with Obama’s daughters interacting with (and interrupting) him last night.  And here’s a link to a new Obama ad!

Meanwhile, in contrast to Michelle Obama’s intelligence and solid, down to earth style, it’s kinda bizarre to see that Cindy McCain will be reviewing the situation in Georgia.  She apparently does quite a lot of charitable work around the world.  Not to be nasty (god no) but I imagine it to be the kind of charitable work that comes across as condescending in that incredibly sweet, syrupy-Christian-Republican way that just makes me want to barf (as Suzie Sorority might say).  I wonder if she’ll pick up a condo on the cheap while she’s over there!?

Pro Publica is putting out some very interesting information … like this piece about the bundling of campaign contributions.  It’s great to have them up and running as the election season heats up!

But transitions … yes … it’s back to school time … and leaf turning time … and football starting time … ahhhh!  Are you ready for it?  As Pia would say … let’s be brave and have some fun!


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2 Responses to Transitions

  1. Great points, Alison. I agree with you about her immense competence shining through … and about the galling smallness of our politics/culture!

    On a more celebratory note, Rachel Maddow’s addition to the MSNBC nightly line-up bodes well for the level of political commentary, I think. (And yet there’s a price to pay there, too – as Rachel sports make-up and an amped up wardrobe to please whoever needs to be pleased, I guess.)


  2. Alison says:

    Thanks for the links, Jordy!

    I still find it galling that powerful women like Michelle Obama are called upon to “reassure” others of their embrace of a supporting role, not their independence as primary agents, but she presents herself with such warmth, confidence and presence of mind that her competence beyond her sister/daughter/mom/wife persona shines through. The Ginger Roger phenomena all over again…


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