That's SARAH (not Michael) Palin

Oops, That’s SARAH Palin!Oh boy, Sarah Palin.  Where to begin?  There is so much to explore and highlight and, yes, ridicule, about this choice.

When I first heard McCain’s selection, yesterday afternoon, I immediately Googled her, like millions of other Americans, I’m sure.  Wikipedia, as expected, was at the top of the search results.  I clicked on her entry, and was somewhat surprised to see such a polished and extensive write up.  Interesting to find out via NPR, yesterday evening, that 24 hours before the announcement, “someone” had been feverishly updating and editing her Wikipedia entry.  That’s very sketchy, Mr. Straight-Talker … the ethics of a desperate man and a desperate campaign.

Boltgirl got right on the case and put up this great post that HollyCornblog let me know about.  Interesting interpretation of the choice – and another of the many, many things to love about Sarah Palin!

If McCain thinks that women will vote for his ticket simply because he’s added a woman, he shows incredible disrespect for women.  Gail Collins has written an on-the-money op-ed in the New York Times about this.  Meanwhile, there was a really, really odd, depressed-seeming woman (whose name I didn’t catch) on Hardball last night.  She was somehow involved with the whole PUMA movement and clearly still very upset about Hillary.  I can appreciate your being upset … but get real … John McCain has NOTHING to offer to women.  Oh, and NOTE TO PUMA … you need a different spokesperson.  Whoever she was, she was kinda scary!

The Huffington Post has an entire section devoted to Sarah Palin — who she is, what she is, how she is, why she is.

All Hail Doug Flutie!As a reflection of McCain’s judgment, I think this is very damning.  If I wanted a president prone to throwing Hail Mary passes, I would much rather vote for Doug Flutie!  I think Doug has a significant edge over Sarah Palin on the experience front, too.  (Here’s a great blog post from “All you need is Blog …” along the same lines.)

Interesting that McCain’s VP choice and his wife are both former beauty pageant participants.  As a reflection of McCain’s view of women, this is certainly enlightening.  I believe that Cindy likes guns, too.  But she has Sarah beat hands down on the condo front.  (In fact there are fewer condos in the entire state of Alaska than the McCain’s own.  Just ask John – he can tell ya!)

It’ll be tough for Obama and Biden to go after Sarah directly, but I hope they get their surrogates out there and dismantle this ploy.  Just what we need, an inexperienced, creationist, anti-choice, gun toting, big oil loving, point guard/beauty queen/mayor/soccer mom a mere heartbeat away from the presidency.

Eight presidents in the history of our great country have died while in office.  If you do the math, there’s a better than 18% chance that McCain will die in office based on that figure.  Add in the fact that he’s already not far from the average life expectancy of an American male, and you get the picture.  Elect McCain and there are some pretty good odds that Sarah (not Michael) Palin will be occupying the Oval Office at the end of the term.

Jesus Christ!To borrow an apt phrase from the Christian right,

“Jesus Christ!”

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4 Responses to That's SARAH (not Michael) Palin

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    I’m with you, Stephen. I think the Dems need to sit tight (or at least Joe and Barack need to) and let this play itself out a bit. However many PUMAs there are, this violent tack to the right will thoroughly sour them on McCain. It would’ve been a stretch to go from Hillary to McCain to begin with … but from Hillary to McCain/Palin seems way too much of a leap. (Unless all of the PUMAs are as addled as the woman on TV last night appeared to be.)


  2. Stephen says:

    I’m always wary when the Republicans appear to do something incredibly stupid… because in recent history, a majority of Americans has swallowed it hook, line and sinker. My first reaction was “what, Phyllis Schlafly or Anne Coulter weren’t available??” My almost immediate second reaction was this: typical Republicans to go for the lowest common denominator, assuming that any double-x would be enough to woo the “army” of Hillary Republocrats over to McCain’s side. Its an enormous risk, that not only virtually negates McCain’s “no experience” attack angle, but (in my opinion) vastly overestimates both the number and sincerity of the so-called PUMAs. They will not impact the election in as significant a fashion as the McCain camp thinks. While Joe Biden complements Obama in clear, obvious, and positive ways… its hard to see what Palin does for McCain, other than give the far-right wing of his party a standard bearer. Typically Presidential candidates move toward the center to appeal to the huge numbers of independent voters in the country. McCain appears to have chosen to move away from — and in fact, mortally offend many — centrist-leaning voters in an effort to appear more “neo-con-like.” I believe and hope it utterly fails as a strategy. If not, I’ll be booking my one-way tickets to New Zealand in January!


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    Fox never ceases to amaze. Here’s something from Salon that speaks to the cynicism of McCain’s pick. I am going to enjoy watching this unravel for him … hopefully …


  4. Alice says:

    I watched Jon Stewart last night who did some very funny (if you could laugh) bits on Palin, and, probably in a nod to non-partisanship, on some of the over-the-top aspects of the characterizations of Obama at the Convention, too. One of the bits re. Palin was to replay a clip of some FOX pundits discussing Palin’s resume–or lack of it. One commentator was her champion: “She knows about international relations,” he broke in forcefully. “She lives up there in Alaska. That’s right up there near Russia.” No joke, the guy was deadly serious.


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