A Whiter Shade of Palin …

Lake Sunset-AugustThis is a photo of a recent sunset at the lake, sent my way by HollyCornblog (who is also the provider of some of the juicier Sarah Palin news and punditry).

On the Palin front, the plot, as they say, thickens.  If you’ve read Stephen’s comments, he’s onto the whole Troopergate thing like a good sweeper marking a striker in the box!  His most recent comment references this article from today’s Boston Globe.  One of the other phenomena interesting to observe here is the way rabid fundamentalist Christianity with its anti-choice, woman-controlling stance (along with guns and creationism and everything else) so often seems to have a wee smidgeon of domestic violence mixed in with the family values.  Such a repressed/repressive worldview leads to explosions here and there … it’s pretty predictable.

The new rumor making the rounds of the internet is that Palin’s latest baby – the one born  something like a month ago – is not hers but her daughter’s.   If you Google “Palin, daughter, baby” you come up with all kinds of odd and interesting stuff.  The basics:  Palin was showing no signs of pregnancy and then suddenly announced that she was preggers.  Not long after that, she had an early delivery … and here we are … with supermom running for VP.  Meanwhile, her daughter had been out of school for something like 5 months with a stubborn case of “mono.”  Hmmm.

Meanwhile … in more mundane Palin fare, we’ve got two Alaskan papers questioning her fitness for national office … and we’ve got this, from Politico,  offering six things that the Palin choice tells us about McCain.  (None of them, I would add, are good!)  Finally this, from The Moderate Voice, about the “vetting” of Sarah Palin.  This is all reminding me (and lots of others) of Harriet Meiers … ramped up to a whole new level.

Lake WoodpilesThis second photo illustrates what HollyCornblog has been doing, when not scanning the internet for the latest Palin poop and  punditry!

Happy Sunday, all!

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