More Palin Poop

So now the McCain/Palin campaign has issued a release indicating that Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter Bristol is five months pregnant.  I have a wide range of responses to this news.

  •  Poor kid — that’s my biggest response.  Can you imagine being 17 years old and having this splashed all over the national news?
  • Just how ambitious is Sarah Palin?  (It’s not exactly like her country “needs” her and she was responding to some patriotic “call.”  She made a calculated choice to say yes to McCain, knowing what she knew.
    • So it’s got to be either overweening ambition (plowing ahead with this in spite of what is happening in her family and in her daughter’s life); or
    • Incredible naïveté — to think that this would not become a public maelstrom.
    • Or something even odder that I haven’t yet imagined.  (Which is kind of the way this Palin story has been shaping up since Friday, eh?).
  •  And then there’s John McCain.
    • The biggest question/concern for me (and it’s huge) is what this says about his judgment, his executive abilities, and his impulsivity.
    • Did he, too, think that it will go unnoticed?
    • If he knew all about this from the get-go, why would he proceed? If she were an otherwise incredibly strong candidate I might almost begin to understand his thinking — but this just smacks of sloppiness, impulsivity, and really sketchy judgment.
    • Is this a reflection of how McCain thinks and behaves under pressure?  Yikes!

Personally, I think it’s sad that a 17-year-old is pregnant.  I would feel that way about any 17-year-old in that situation.  It is a life-changing event, any way you look at it, and I can appreciate the Palin family wanting it to be left a private matter. I would be more than happy to do so, were she not running for Vice President and part of a movement whose self-righteous mission is to foist its so-called “family values” on the rest of us.

While I take no pleasure in the pain and embarrassment of a 17-year-old young woman,  I must admit that I do take some pleasure in (once again) seeing the emptiness and hypocrisy of the far right brightly illuminated on the national stage.

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8 Responses to More Palin Poop

  1. Thanks, Skeptic 101 – I, too, am very skeptical. I had more or less let it go after the Bristol announcement, but then Stephen’s post here on Tuesday re-energized my skepticism. Now they’re obviously hoping that venomous attacks on the Dems will energize the base Republican base even more – and happily shift the focus away from the lies being told us.

    Trick is good … and I don’t think there are any Treats to be had in this story-line.


  2. Skeptic 101 says:

    What makes you all think that Bristol is really pregnant now? The Trig story is very convincing, and the 5 months conveniently overlaps the April 18th Trig birth. Just watch for the upcoming Bristol miscarriage. This will surely sucker the voters.

    Maybe the baby’s name should have been Trick.


  3. The selection of Palin is, indeed, confounding. To me it reflects a lack of judgment on McCain’s part that is actually pretty terrifying. And on Palin’s part – it looks like an untempered willingness to sacrifice others on the alter of her ambition. If they weren’t running together for the highest offices in the land, I’d just say they deserve one another and be done. Since we live in a country that elected George Bush twice (or once, or never, depending on how you look at it) …this has me worried.


  4. Stephen says:

    I love these quotes from some of the more outspoken Republican jabber-jaws. I wonder what they’ll say about Bristol?

    “Here is why foxnews, and their conservative supporters, are so sad:

    “On the pinhead front, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. The sister of Britney says she is shocked. I bet.

    Now most teens are pinheads in some ways. But here the blame falls primarily on the parents of the girl, who obviously have little control over her or even over Britney Spears. Look at the way she behaves.”

    Thanks Bill O’Reilly. You can read this at:,2933,317577,00.html

    Let’s see what Rush Limbaugh had to say: (

    “CALLER: Would you tend to think that a family in this position, though, wouldn’t you think that there would be a more watchful eye as a parent to be watching over these kids so this doesn’t happen to them?

    RUSH: I would certainly hope so, but it’s long past time for this to happen. The parents here are the culprits!

    CALLER: (chuckles)

    RUSH: I mean, the parents, they’re infected with this disease, this addiction to fame themselves. Look at Britney’s mom, for crying out loud. “Put me on TV, too! Put me on TV!” You know, celebrity parents, they can go both ways, and some of them lose whatever grounding they had as adults when their kids get famous. They want to be part of it. They like the money themselves. It’s very rare to have celebrity parents that remain grounded, but who’s going to get this family in line?”


  5. boltgirl says:

    Ugh, pregnant 17-year-old are very sad, and it’s only compounded by her parents’ beaming assertion that she’s going to marry the 17-year-old hockeyhead who’s the father. When the over on the lives that are going to be screwed up starts to approach the number of fingers on one hand, it’s sad indeed.


  6. Neal says:


    What seems amazing to me is that the press isn’t yet asking about the decision to select Palin as an act to win the election versus serve the nation. This selection does not add to McCain’s resume where he is either lacking or absent. In Obama’s case Biden does round out his resume with the experience of international relations. It also compliments Obama with someone who mirrors his approach to life.

    Ooopps, maybe Palin does both of those things for McCain, just not in complimentary ways. She does enhance his connection to life and his lack of being vulnerable – she is certainly both of those. She also seems more than willing to blindly walk onto the national stage and proclaim that she is completely suited to lead should POTUS be unable to lead. I dunno but it seems to me that having a self proclaimed Red Neck as S*** sun in law isn’t quite what the White House is ready for. For that matter it is hard to imagine a monster truck rally at the Naval Observatory.

    In a time of real issues and real challenges, it seems someone with a little less baggage would be a better choice – shame Reagan is not around, he might soften McCain a bit, …


  7. I can definitely tell that you are frustrated! On a different note – I’m glad your draft was fun. I’ve got to do my first picks using the spread before Thursday. Wish me luck! (I’m gonna have to get you and HollyCornblog together some day … during Football season!)


  8. Paula Rockwell says:

    Ughh it just keeps getting more stupid by the second doesn’t it? With her daughter pregnant AND having an infant with Down Syndrom, wouldn’t you think she would put her family first???
    I just don’t get it. I only hope that voters can see thru the obvious hasty decision and vote for Obama/Biden..ANd I hope Karl Rove gets his comeupance some day…why does he stay in the limelight??? He called Biden a “blowhard doofus”..does that sound professional? Someone should SEND HIM PACKING.
    can you tell I’m frustrated??
    thanks for keeping up the blogs..on another note: I had my live draft for my other ffootball league tonite. Didnt do very well but it was fun.



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