Palin Horse, Palin Rider

Okay, I’m running out of clever Palin titles – so it’s time for her to remove her name from the ticket.

Thanks, Stephen, for your info-filled, speculative post yesterday.  I had been trying to put aside my ongoing questions about the whole whose-baby-is-it matter – and your post articulated very clearly the things that continue to gnaw at me (as well as adding a few others).  Though I find it very annoying to tune in and watch the GOP speechifiers at their convention, I may just have to watch Palin’s speech tonight (assuming she is still on the ticket).  And realistically, I’m guessing that the calculating Rovian operatives who picked her will want to see how she polls before taking any further steps re. her status.  (Thanks, HollyCornblog, for the article!  Sorry you had to go back to work today!)

This interesting piece from TPM gives some background on the Alaska Independence Party and its founder Joe Vogler.  This is the controversial group that Palin has been associated with – and of which her husband has been a member.  The interesting question raised at the end of the article is … what kind of a field day would the Republican attack machine be having if Barack or Michelle had these kinds of associations?  Just imagine!

And just in case you were thinking about asking the McCain campaign for any straight talk about Palin … you can rest assured that they won’t take kindly to your questions.

Sheesh!  On a happier note, the Phillies won … and congratulations to RPE … you go girl!

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5 Responses to Palin Horse, Palin Rider

  1. Stephen says:

    JordonCornblog – can you email me the admin link again please? I’ve left it at home and need to get it on my work pc too…. um, not that I blog from work… >.> <.<


  2. JordanCornblog says:

    The right’s ability to blithely ignore its own rampant cognitive dissonance is past believing. These are extremely unintegrated people, psychologically speaking. I’m thinking Larry Craig … that preacher, Ted something-or-other … thousands upon thousands of folks living la vida loco!


  3. Stephen says:

    If you have the courage, you should read the gushing outrage of the far right on the Palin selection and all of the furor surrounding her and her family. Apparently, its ok for the right to cast stones, as long as nobody casts them back at their own.

    The same people who picket and/or bomb abortion clinics or castigate those promiscuous liberals who can’t control their un-Godly urges (or their kids’ urges) are the ones praising Palin and her daughter for “being true to their pro-life ideals.” Jamie-Lynn Spears is a sinner-slut, but Bristol Palin’s case just proves the Palin’s are “real people who make mistakes, just like you and me.”

    When I throw up, I always do it to the right.


  4. JordanCornblog says:

    Ah, truth … I SO hope you are correct.
    PS I have been enjoying your ongoing coverage of the debacle … great stuff!!


  5. truth says:

    I’ve been stealing Rethug campaign slogans from around the ‘net:

    Palin/Tired ’08

    Vet/Palin ’08

    Paleo/Palin ’08

    Failin’/Palin ’08

    The whole thing is hilarious and so satisfying. Leave her on the ticket, I say; guarantee an Obama/Biden win.


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