Random Rainy Saturday

The rain falling in NH is a bit of a relief today, as I settle in to catch up on some dangling threads!

But first, a couple of tidbits … like this great feature piece from Salon by Avi Steinberg titled “Confessions of an RNC Security Guard.”  Turns out the family values party has some nighttime habits that kinda put the Dems to shame.  (Not all that surprising … moralistic repression has gotta be like jet fuel for debauchery.)

Sarah Palin is firmly entrenched in the camp of the literalist Bible believers, and so I leave it to you to imagine how she behaves at night.  (While the photo of her in a bikini and toting an assault rifle has been proven spurious, it does seem spookily true to her persona, and true to what those GOP night owls are all slavering over.)

Ah well … the Phillies took the first game of their two-game series with the Mets.  I see another collapse in the making for that NY team.

Peace out.

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