McSame's Houses, Cindy's Wardrobe (in the Midst of Foreclosures and Record-Breaking Job Losses) – Yup, This is Change YOU Can Believe In!

Other than football, what’s up today?

Well – here’s an excellent site that a friend sent me last night .. and I’m adding it to my blogroll.  It’s Worse Than Bush – and it’ll help help keep you motivated!  First off, from the site, this video …


There’s plenty more where THAT came from!

Cindy, Cindy, CindyOn the wardrobe front, another friend sent me an article from the Boston Herald that I found unbelievable.  (I’m not linking to it as it’s from the AP and I’m still cranky with them about how they wanted to charge bloggers for citing their work.)  So here’s something even more authoritative – from “Vanity Fair” no less!  The article includes a detailed breakdown of the value of Cindy’s outfit (this is the futuristic-looking one with the high collar that she wore on Tuesday night) …

Oscar de la Renta dress: $3,000
Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch: $4,500
Three-carat diamond earrings: $280,000
Four-strand pearl necklace: $11,000-$25,000
Shoes, designer unknown: $600
Total: Between $299,100 and $313,100

Wow! No wonder McCain has so many houses: his wife has the price of a Scottsdale split-level hanging from her ears.

I noticed that, yesterday, a second article was posted in Vanity Fair – about the real value of Cindy McCain’s outfit.  “Oh dang,” I pouted, “they got it wrong and the value isn’t as obscenely outrageous as we thought.”  Not to worry – this was just a piece outlining what one of Cindy’s outfits would buy for most middle class Americans.  Cindy, you’re still tops on my short list of the obscenely outrageous!

Here is a long overdue apology from the press to the GOP, penned by Roger Simon and sent to me by a third friend (and I know, it sounds like I’m kinda showing off about  friends here … but I’m not … really … it just so happens that people have been sending me stuff lately).

And here is Frank Rich, in a NY Times op ed piece (I know, I know, very suspect) noting that Bristol isn’t the only Palin involved in a shotgun marriage.

WoodshedIn other, non-political news … HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew are working on building a woodshed up at the lake.  Great start – and I hope to be able to help in a couple of weeks … looking good, guys!

Go Eagles!  (This is Donovan’s year!)

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