Maddow, Huffington, a Bit of Soccer, and Yeah, Some Palin, Too

 So Rachel Maddow’s new show premiered last night and while I didn’t see the whole thing (had a meeting) and didn’t see Boltgirl there (not yet, that is), what I saw I liked a lot (not surprisingly).  Way to go Rachel!

Ariana Huffington has written about Sarah Palin as the Trojan Moose who distracts the electorate (and bloggers) from McCain’s real running mate (George W. Bush and the Republican record).  Good points … and challenging, as Sarah Palin (along with her record, her gaffes, her incendiary statements) is a little like candy … or heroin … when it comes to yours truly.  It’s hard to resist trying to unmask her, ferret out more damning details, uncover lies, etc.  But I get it – spending time doing that is just what McCain wants.  Small potatoes compared to the damning truth of the matter … that McCain is all about eight years plus four.  That’s the bottom line.

So I’ll write about Sarah “below the fold.”  It’s a start!

On the soccer front,  I liked this article by Don Stewart of the Reading Eagle about Nicole Barnhart and Michele Gould – both graduates of  local high schools, both born on October 10th (!) and both involved with the USWNT.  Nicole was the #2 goalie behind Hope Solo, and Michele is one of the USWNT’s Athletic Trainers.  Meanwhile, here’s Tony DiCicco commenting on the W-League combine in Tampa.  Next up for the WPS?  The USWNT player allocation takes place during the week of 9/15 … then the draft of internationals (week of 9/22) … followed by the WPS general draft (domestic and international) and the post-combine draft in January (following two more combines – one on the east and the other on the west coast).

Now, on to the Trojan Moose …First, we have Ms. Palin displaying her total lack of understanding of two of our largest economic institutions (a level of ignorance which is kind of mind boggling in a governor – let alone a candidate for VP).


Then, we have the lies of McCain et al – as they scramble to respond to questions about Ms. Palin’s record.  And this excellent analysis of her record, by Seth Colter Walls.

Finally, even MSNBC is starting to publish more Palin Poop – including this from the Washington Post – about her kinda bloated-seeming expenses while Governor.  (So much for saving the tax payers money!)

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