This is NOT About Lipstick!

While the McCain campaign strives to make Sarah Palin the issue with bogus  controversies, there are plenty of real issues to look at.  Hopefully the press won’t continue to be hoodwinked and will start recognizing the McSmear tactics and burying them back near the Classifieds … where they belong.

Perhaps the biggest issue the McSmears want to avoid in all their frenzy to obfuscate has to do with John McCain’s judgment and integrity.  I’ve never been a big fan of the man, but he did get some kudos in my mind for seeming to stand apart from the Bush/Rove brand of  invective and illusion-based politics.  Now, even conservative pundits like Andrew Sullivan are finding themselves disenchanted. (Just imagine how those of us feel who weren’t all that enchanted to begin with!)

Along the same lines, here’s a great article by Will Bunch of  The Philadelphia Daily News, explicating Sarah Palin’s “Speech to Nowhere.”  We need much more of this from the press!

Boltgirl recently posted about the McSmear’s anti-Obama, anti-sex ed ad that twists and obscures and obfuscates as only Rove-spawned evil-doers can do!  It’s hard to sit still and watch this shit.  I was shocked, the deeper I got into the bowels of You-Tube, to see the kind of sick dreck that the McSmear campaign was/is putting out.

It’s odd, isn’t it?  Here’s a guy who lost out on the nomination eight years ago, precisely because of the tactics he himself is using now.  Bush/Rove did him in with McSmear tactics back in 2000 … in South Carolina and beyond.  And while the Senator may have stood up to his captors all those years ago in Vietnam, he’s set aside his storied integrity and has caved in to them here in 2008.  This is no Maverick … this is Faust.  (And Faust, if you recall, is a tale of tragedy.)

Those who know John McCain are stepping up and speaking out.  Here’s Dr. Phillip Butler on his fellow POW who’s running for President.  This is a video statement embedded in a blog post on McCain’t Okay – an interesting and informative compendium of information on the Senator and his running mate.


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2 Responses to This is NOT About Lipstick!

  1. Thanks, Stephen … I very much agree! (And I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts as the weekend unfolds … if you can stomach watching Ms. Palin tonight!)


  2. Stephen says:

    Great article in Time:,8599,1840388,00.html?xid=site-cnn-partner

    I hope he’s wrong enough to end the cycle…


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