Rushed Saturday Stuff …

This morning’s post will likely be quick, as I’ve gotta make 2 dozen sandwiches for some soccer-game tailgating by 7:30 AM.  But enough about me!

On Truthdig I came upon this Palin Perspective from John Dean (yes, that John Dean).  Basically he argues, rather damningly, that were a sitting President in the position of having to nominate a VP to finish out a term … and were Palin to be the pick … it is highly unlikely, under the Constitution, that she’d pass muster and be confirmed by Congress.

I have to throw in, here, that McCain’s pick of Palin and Bush’s pick of Harriet Meiers have a similar, insulting-to-women feel about them.  I do wonder if they in some way reflect the deep ambivalence that these men (and the party they so ably represent) have about women in positions of power.  I mean … why not Kay Bailey Hutchinson?  Why not Olympia Snow … or quite a few others?  Why not actual competence and experience?  Are they so in the dark that they don’t even recognize it when they see it?  I suspect so, to be honest.

In some heartwarming news from Philly … the Eagles gave the USWNT use of their “practice bubble” as the gold medal winners practiced in preparation for their match against Ireland tonight.   Let’s hope some of that USWNT mojo rubs off on the birds and they beat Dallas on Monday night!  (USWNT … I’m not worried!)  The match tonight, by the way, is supposed to be available on MatchAccess (i.e. via streaming video).  If it’s anything like MatchTracker, well, don’t hurt your computer!

A friend has sent me some excellent elections material, including this great site that offers detailed and accurate information to students who are looking to register and vote (at their schools or at home)DO IT!(I’ve added the widget to the sidebar, too …)

And from the same friend, another map that I found fascinating … current electoral vote projections, electoral voting through the years, and lots more. Very cool!

Shed ProgressAnd the HollyCornblog/CharlieHopbrew project continues apace.  Here’s where it stands as they enter the weekend!  Way to go you guys!

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