Tuesday and We're Back at It

I’m home and still catching up, so this will be brief.  We’re undergoing an audit by the State of NH at work starting tomorrow and running through the end of the week.  (As Princess Sparkle Pony would say … “Yay!”).

On the actual, honest-to-goodness YAY front, I see that the Phillies won (again) over the Braves, while the Mets started a series with the Cubs last night and lost (again).  The magic number is now 4 for the Phillies.  (Did I say YAY already?)

When I was driving back form NY yesterday I listened to most of this segement of the Diane Rhem Show – an excellent discussion of the proposed bailout.  If you have time, it’s worth checking out.  In the midst of a scary situation, the truly scary/despicable/predictable thing is the way the Administration is using the meltdown to try to grab more power for the Executive branch.  Under their proposal, Secretary Paulson’s decisions cannot be reviewed by anyone.  No one.  Nada.  Sounds reminiscent of The Patriot Act to me.  Yes, please, let’s hurry up and give MORE power to the folks who were asleep at the switch while this crisis was brewing!

Sad-but-true that in a crisis, the American People need protection from their own Government right now … as much as from whatever the cause of the crisis was.

On the campaign front, I watched Stephanopoulos on Sunday and was shocked that even George Will had some pretty scathing things to say about Senator McCain.   It felt very odd to have my perceptions actually validated by the pundits … after years of watching Bush mangle a debate only to have the commentators talk about how well he did.  Maybe something is changing, and we are actually going to get something other than spin from the mainstream news outlets.  (One can dream!)

Here’s a poll sent by a friend.  Apparently PBS is asking us to vote on whether Ms. Palin is qualified to be the VP.  Looks like the ballot box is being stuffed – I can’t believe that a majority of PBS listeners think she’s qualified – unless that demographic has shifted significantly.

Voila!I had an e-mail from HollyCornblog with a photo of the completed shed.  (Now you can see what I’ll be filing with wood, come November.)  Great work, you guys!  They are off to the Adirondacks for some kayaking today.

And that’s about it.  Gotta go put on my audit clothes!

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