Saturday Stuff (Sorry – No Good Title This Morning)

This video by the other Sarah is to die for!  (Jimmy Kimmel, what were you thinking????)


And here’s another offering (thanks for this, too, BJE), on the ultimate cruelty of the Palin pick.  It’s a good read – and the links are awesome.  But, my stirrings of sympathy for Palin are quickly quelled by remembering her overweaning ambition – which extends, as you recall, to throwing her 17-year old daughter under the bus.

So did you watch?

I thought that Obama did quite well — and McCain did better than I had hoped/expected he would.  Obama had a great command of the facts, was responsive to the questions, and overall, I thought, looked very presidential.  McCain was “folksy” and didn’t seem as out of it as he has for most of this week. I didn’t think he answered the questions, and he made no eye contact with Obama, but he did manage to get in a few soundbites that will unfortunately go over well, I’m guessing.

On the no eye contact front (see link above) I found this an interesting comment:

As a psychotherapist and someone who treats people with anger management problems, we typically try to educate people that anger is often an emotion that masks other emotions. I think it’s significant that McCain didn’t make much, if any, eye contact because it suggests one of two things to me; he doesn’t want to make eye contact because he is prone to losing control of his emotions if he deals directly with the other person, or, his anger masks fear and the eye contact may increase or substantiate the fear.

I noticed him doing the same thing in the Republican primary debates. The perception observers are likely to have is that he is unwilling to acknowledge the opponent’s legitimacy and/or is contemptuous of the opponent.

There’s another comment about the behavior of monkeys … which you can check out via the TPM link!

A friend of mine has often expressed concern about what he describes as John McCain’s unprocessed rage. I felt a similar concern, listening to his soft voice and seeing his ever present, creepy smile — both when he is clearly quite angry. Someone who’s been through what he went through as a POW, cannot help but have some PTSD issues. I’m guessing that he’s sitting on a volcano — and would love to hear other former POWs speak to this sometime. The thought of that angry Maverick’s finger being close to any trigger is pretty scary to me — and watching last night’s performance only reinforced that fear.

On a lighter note from the baseball world the Phillies won and the Mets lost. It’s really starting to look good for the good guys!

Shed at NightFinally, here’s a great photo that HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew took of the new wood shed up at the lake, at night. They had a small fire going, and hung a lantern in the shed. Pay particular attention to the artistic touch of the axe leaning against the tree on the right hand side of the photo.  Nice job, you guys!

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4 Responses to Saturday Stuff (Sorry – No Good Title This Morning)

  1. CB says:

    I can’t say I blame him. I find her a little scary.


  2. JordanCornblog says:

    … because he split with Sarah … or maybe she split with him. Anyway – I was kinda sad about that.


  3. CB says:

    Why did you ask what Jimmy Kimmel was thinking? I see that as usual you are way ahead of me on the Tina Fey SNL video….


  4. Alice says:

    Sarah Silverman’s Florida strategy is hilariously rude–“offensive” doesn’t even begin to capture the crudeness, the shamelessness of her off-beat humor. Highly recommended for a post-debate laugh after what I felt was a disappointing debate. I had hoped that Obama’s intelligence would so outshine McCain’s cowboy mentality that he(McCain) would be left shuffling in the dust. Maybe next time…………………


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