Up and Running

After some technological adventures that I’ll be happy to never repeat, I’m up and running again.  It was actually kind of nice to be off line as the economy continued its nosedive and the big bailout stalled in Congress.  Apparently Nancy Pelosi made a speech that put some Republicans’ teeth on edge … and that spelled doom for the bill.  Sensitive people, those GOPers.  (“Drill, Baby, Drill!”)

Plans are apparently afoot to re-introduce Sarah Palin to the American people.  This is getting painful, don’t you think?  Concerns about her readiness for Thursday’s debate are rampant.  Is the bar being set low on purpose so that she’ll look good?  Or is panic setting in?  Will she be on the ticket this time next week?

Meanwhile, with a frighteningly unqualified person waiting in the wings, and the economy in the toilet, questions about McCain’s health are again coming to the fore – as they well should.  Things are precarious, folks … and if McCain would be bad for the country, you can rest assured that Palin would be an absolute disaster.

Speaking of disasters … I have been thinking lately that the incalculable damage that Bush/Cheney et al have done to this country is so far beyond what any terrorists ever did that it boggles the mind.  It reminds me of the damage that Craig Benson did to NH in his two years as governor – but this is on a much, much bigger and more frightening scale.   Back in 2006, Bush was being called “the worst ever” – and that was in 2006!

The most scary part of it is … that … we … elected … him …TWICE!  (Or once, or never, depending on what you think actually happened in those elections.)

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1 Response to Up and Running

  1. Alice says:

    So good to see JordanCornblog up and running again in this swampy maze of a day. I missed my morning anchoring–felt quite adrift. GMA just doesn’t do it. The cheerfulness was sending me over the edge.

    Welcome back. You have met the migration challenge with persistance and grace. I salute you!

    Oh, any interest in Transsiberian? Roger Ebert liked it, but it’s not a film to go to alone from what I read.


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