Trolling Through Tuesday

Check out Susan’s comment on Alison’s post yesterday (and Welcome, Alison – I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say here)!  Speaking of the Electoral College, I heard an interesting piece on NPR about the Electoral College – kinda scary how little people know about it!

And speaking of scary, the McCainiacs are getting desperate.  Tonight’s debate has all the makings of a Wrestling match – at least from the Maverick Team.  (And speaking of mavericks … check out this Letterman video … with Brian Williams on the VP debate.)


Great stuff!

The WPS general draft was held yesterday and the Breakers came away with some more heft on the defensive end of the field.  Full results can be found on the WPS site, here.  Beau Dure writes about the surprises in WPS Draft for USA Today.  I was interested to see that Briana Scurry asked to not be considered – and that there are a number of old(er) USWNT and WUSA players whose names don’t appear. And get ready for Sunday night WPS soccer starting in April 2009!  WPS and Fox Soccer Channel have a deal – and it sounds like a great time slot to me!

Sorry to be on the short end this morning … fighting a cold, and the Zicam hasn’t kicked in just yet.  (Zicam?  If you haven’t tried it, you must – it works like a charm!  That loss of taste thing .. can’t say as I’ve noticed …)

Oh yeah .  and the Red Sox are in!

Go Bobcats!


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