Peevish McCain Loses More Ground

This is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in awhile … at least since the last time I watched the Straight Talker for any length of time.


That one?  Really?  That soft, fake-friendly voice is downright threatening, don’t you think?  It reminds me of someone.  Dennis Hopper?  Jack Nicholson in a scary movie … or .. someone else?  It’s on the tip of my tongue (but obviously eluding me).  Who is it?  Any thoughts?

And don’t you wonder what McCain’s blood pressure is like these days, as he sits on all that unprocessed rage?

The Huffington Post, in its survey of newsgroups, gave Obama the win pretty much on all fronts.  I found McCain vague and peevish and (as noted above) very creepy.  Obama, on the other hand, seemed calm and clear and much more specific in his comments and proposals.  This’ll be spun out all day – but I don’t see it as anything but a plus for the Obama Camp.  Well done!

Check out Boltgirl’s great “semi-live” blogging!  (Hope you get to sleep in today … oh yeah … this was on at, what, 7PM for you?  Nevermind.)

In other hopeful election information, Alison sent me this piece about the huge upsurge in voter registration in Virginia.

Virginia increased its voter rolls by a whopping 6.2 percent during the 2008 New Voter Registration period ending today, a figure that is more than double the Obama campaign goal. All these new voters could have a huge impact in a tossup state with fewer than 5 million registered voters. The official tally so far — 307,482 new voters — will be even higher once October registrations are counted.

Who are these new decision-makers? “Mostly they’re young, independent, and tired of what’s going on in Washington. Many moved to Virginia from other states. More than 60 percent are under age 35,” Jared Leopold told OffTheBus. Leopold is communications director for the Democratic Party of Virginia Coordinated Campaign.

How many of these newbies are Democrats? There’s no way of knowing because Virginia’s registration is non-partisan, but the Obama campaign is encouraged by their demographics. One-third live in heavily Democratic northern Virginia: Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Fairfax City, Falls Church City, Prince William, Manassas, Manassas Park, and Loudoun. More than 5,000 new voters registered in Richmond, and more than 3,500 in Norfolk and Newport News — all areas where John Kerry had a majority in 2004.

At a GOP rally over the weekend, John McCain’s brother Joe referred to northern Virginia as “communist country,” and then quickly apologized. The Pentagon is located in Arlington.

Data like this makes me begin to hope …

Okay – have you seen the Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart?  This is priceless …

Palin Debate Flow Chart

You’ll need to click on the image to get a proper look.  The creator of this masterpiece is Aden Nak and his blog can be found at  Great stuff (gotta add this one to the old blogroll)

I am also happy to report that SNL is offering up a weekly news show (at least for two weeks in October).  Hey, anything is better than nothing – we need all the reliable news that we can get, and the comics have proven themselves more in touch with reality than most other venues over the past decade or so!  Thanks for the tip, HollyCornblog.

In other news, the Bobcats kicked butt in Portland (ME) yesterday … way to go!  (And if the predictions hold, I’m going to kick ChristopherCornblog’s butt in Ffootball this weekend!)  Meanwhile, the NLCS gets underway in Philly tomorrow night, while the ALCS waits in the wings.


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4 Responses to Peevish McCain Loses More Ground

  1. Alison says:

    Hi Jordy – I love checking in after the debate to hear your take – and Boltgirl’s, too!

    Thanks for tuning into the vibes beneath the tribes!


  2. Okay – I’m with you on Jack – thanks!

    As for Boltgirl being old … where’s that put me? Or worse yet, John McCain?


  3. Edibeth says:

    Jack Nicholson in ‘The Shining’… ….. “I’m baaaaaack”


  4. Hey, now that I’m Officially Old (TM) 7 pm is like midnight for me!


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