Phillies Win One … Palin Losing One?

The Phillies pulled out a 3-2 win with a big sixth inning and so are up 1-0 over Manny and the Dodgers (a sixties Motown group that some of you may remember fondly – I certainly do).  Cole Hamels looked a little shakier than I like him to, but he got the win, and I’m lovin’ these Phillies!

On the political front, there’s lots to report – perhaps most notably the Troopergate news that’s set to come out of Alaska today.  Ms. Palin has gotten on the board first with her own report on the matter.  Her report, not very surprisingly, exonerates her. I think I’ll wait to hear from someone else, thank you very much.

David Brooks continues to speak candidly about Palin, McCain, Obama, and the ’08 race.  Watch/listen below … “She represents a fatal cancer to the Republican Party.”


I wish that the video had continued and included the question that it cuts off at the end… ah well.

As for Troopergate, here’s yesterday’s NY Times report which reviews the whole affair and notes that in the 19 months of her reign, Sarah, the First Dude, and other officials of her administration contacted the commissioner and his aids @ 36 times about Trooper Wooten.  Her explanations have been tortured and inconsistent.  Can’t wait to see today’s report!

Overall, as the timeframe shortens and Obama’s lead widens, the campaign tactics of McSame and Palin continue to get uglier and uglier.  The hidden hand of Karl Rove, no doubt – as well as the raw ambition of a 72 year old man with father issues similar to Dubya’s (maybe even worse) and his last chance for glory.   That’s my take on it all this morning.

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