As Sarah Might Say (in Her Folksy Way) It's Just A'Palin'

 Here’s a very frightening video about what John McCain offers to America.  It is worth watching …


While the economy and the McCain campaign tank we are experiencing some of the most amazing foliage and autumn weather in recent memory.  Fall Day in NY

Witness this photo by HollyCornblog, taken not far from her house in upstate NY …

… beautiful, eh?  (Double click on the photo to get a better view.)

Today looks to be much the same sort of day that yesterday was.  We’ll be planting bulbs here, in celebration of ChristopherCornblog’s birthday earlier this month.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  First, let’s scan the news and see what’s afoot in the world!

Salon has published a very interesting article by Nick Jans offering an Alaskan’s perspective on the Governor.  It’s a thoughtful and measured perspective – and as damning as anything that I have read about Ms. Palin.

Like many Alaskans, I resent Palin’s claims that she speaks for all of us, and cringe when she tosses off her stump speech line, “Well, up in Alaska, we….” Not only did I not vote for her, she represents the antithesis of the Alaska I love. As mayor, she helped shape Wasilla into the chaotic, poorly planned strip mall that it is; as governor, she’s promoted that same headlong drive toward development and despoilment on a grand scale, while paying lip service to her love of the place.

Then (also from Salon) we’ve got Garrison Keillor weighing in from Lake Woebegon. I hope he is correct in his assertion that “Low dishonesty and craven cynicism sometimes win the day but not inevitably.”  After eight years, it has begun to feel just a tad inevitable… but “Eight is Enough” may trump inevitability.  The boos that greeted Sarah Palin at the Philadelphia Flyers’ opening game give me hope.  Maybe folks are starting to see through the spin and obfuscation.  Maybe.

The Washington Monthly points out an interesting, little known fact about McSame/Palin – they are the first national ticket to be headed by two individuals who share the dubious honor of having both been cited for ethics violations.  Nice work, GOP.

On the ethics front, Mudflats continues to explore interesting avenues and twisting by-ways in the Palin family’s contorted relationship with the rules.  Next up?  Housegate!  Below is the Fox News Interview cited in Mudflats.  At @ 2 minutes, Todd talks about the house – and we see some footage of it.


On the hypocrisy front, here’s Palin’s message to the Alaska Independence Party.  This is the woman trying to skewer Obama for having an acquaintance with William Ayers.  A’Palin’ … just a’Palin’!


Sad to say, the Red Sox lost in an 11-inning slug fest.  The Phillies are in LA for game three tonight – let’s win one on the left coast, Phils!

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