Frost on the Pumpkin, Red Sox on Fire, Palin on SNL, and Katrina Vanden Heuvel on Michele Bachmann

Guess we missed out on the basil this year!  This morning there’s serious frost everywhere.  Stern frost.  Dour frost.  A layer of it whitens the windows and powders the ground.  The nasturtiums still look miraculously green, but the zinnias and cosmos are brown.  November brown.  This frost will disappear as the sun rises and warms the ground – but its work is done – the landscape is changed – we’re moving along toward winter for sure, now.

Whooo hooo Sox!  Feels just like last year, doesn’t it?  It was wonderful to see Jason Varitek – who’s finishing up a tough offensive year – come through with a homer when they really needed it.  Their bats seem to be coming alive … just in the nick of time.   Hang on, tonight decides it all.  8:07 PM.  Be there!

And the Phillies await!  (Heh, heh, heh!  Rubs hands together and grins maniacally!)

Sarah Palin did her stint on SNL and I have to admit, they did a good job with it.  It’s not gonna change anyone’s mind about anything (I pray) but it did get me smiling.  (There’s video embedded with the link above … take a look!)

And Michele Bachmann?  Wow.  The Congresswoman from Minnesota has finally outed herself nationally as a wild-eyed,  deep-thinking bellwether of anti-Americanism.  Thank god that she has alerted us to Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and others who “detest America.”  Wow – let’s look into moving to Minnesota so that we can vote for a true patriot!  ;(

Seriously … Bachmann is up for re-election and she needs to be DUMPED!  Here’s a right-on response from Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation. (Thanks, Chris Matthews – for giving Michele enough rope to hang herself (and then some) … and for giving Katrina a chance to respond!)  You have to listen to this!


Here’s the text:

Chris, I fear for my country. I think what we just heard is a congresswoman channeling Joe McCarthy, channeling a politics of fear and loathing and demonization and division and distraction. Not a single issue mentioned. This is a politics at a moment of extreme economic pain in this country that is incendiary, that is so debased, that I’m almost having a hard time breathing, because I think it’s very scary. Because this is a country I love, and this woman had no sense of the history of this nation, which is one of struggle, of trying to fulfill the great ideals of this nation, of movements that have brought about the civilizing advances of this country, and she doesn’t even know who Saul Alinsky is — a community organizer who channeled the views of the people from below.

I think Barack Obama is going to win, and he’s going to have a lot of work because there is an extremism unleashed in this nation which you just heard on this program, which could lead to violence, and hatred, and toxicity. And against the backdrop of the Great Depression we’re living through, it could lead — and I don’t use this word lightly — to a kind of American fascism, which is against the great values of this nation, and which people like that are fomenting.

There’s a site up now, where you can sign a petition urging Congress to censure Bachmann.  You can also go to the ActBlue site and support Elwyn Tinklenberg, who is running against Bachmann for her seat.  Or check out the comments on her Facebook Wall.  (I don’t think you can add to her comments without “friending” her – which is just a tad too creepy for me … so I’ll just focus on supporting Mr. Tinklenberg!)

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