Will It Blend?

No baseball to report on.  No debate.  I am forced to move to Plan B.  (Don’t try this at home.)


What brought me to this?  It began with my morning visit to Woot – a site that HollyCornblog turned me onto some years ago. I check it first thing and sometimes find really good deals.  (Plus, if you have time, their product descriptions are works of art!)

You never know what you’ll come upon.  This morning it was a powerful, refurb blender (I didn’t bite).  Sometimes it’s laptops … or floor fans … or Roomba’s … flashlights … headphones … earwarmers … very, very random stuff.  They put up their offerings at 1AM ET (if I’m remembering correctly) – so sometimes, when it’s good stuff, it’s gone by the time I’m checking.

What else do we have today?  There’s always Cindy McCain.

What is it about the women that Johnny Mac surrounds himself with?  Both Sarah and Cindy.  If their views weren’t so abhorrent, I would feel a sort of sympathy for both of them.

With Sarah, he’s exploited her bald ambition and exposed her to the ridicule of nearly every sentient human on the planet.  And Cindy?  She’s constantly trying to please (or at least get the attention of) a neglectful, ambitious husband (or so it appears).

So how’s Cindy holding up this time around?

Observers of that campaign and the current one say she seems different this time – more guarded, more tense, superthin. She rarely campaigns away from her husband’s side, and yet their interactions on the trail often appear brief and formal. During the rolling primary-season seminars that Mr. McCain held in the back of his bus, Mrs. McCain sat up front. Once in a while, she joined him, sitting very straight, smiling and saying little. Physically, she seems fragile: she suffers from migraines, hobbled around on crutches last year after a knee injury and recently wore a wrist brace because of a handshaking injury.

If Cindy’s an example of how things thrive under John McCain’s stewardship … we’re in even bigger trouble than we thought.  The American voters should not torture her further (by voting McCain in and sending her back to a city that she hates).  Exercise better judgment than the desperate-to-please Ms. McCain does – give her a break!

In soccer news (I know, it’s been awhile, huh?) I see that the Breakers are in a good position for the draft of graduating collegians, come January.  It’s the week of January 14, to be precise.  They snagged the first pick.  (Can you say A-Rod, everyone???)  April just keeps getting closer and closer … and I hear that season tickets and great seats are still to be at had Harvard Stadium for the Breakers’ inaugural WPS season!

Oh, and I guess Sarah P will be on SNL tonight.  She’s such a cipher at this point, I seriously doubt that her appearance will have any electoral impact.  But still, the freebie is annoying so close to the election.  I’ll be watching the Red Sox anyway … my inclination to boycott being nicely buttressed by the baseball schedule!

PS  Go Bobcats!  πŸ˜‰

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