JordanCornblog is Dragging!

The Phillies pulled out a squeaker of a win last night, and yours truly is paying the price this morning.  Well worth it, though (or I should say Werth it).  Cole Hamels looked very strong, Chase Utley came through with a first inning 2-run homer … and when (not if) Ryan Howard gets on track … watch out!  Sorry Mo and Beeg … looks like the good guys took game 1 … stay tuned (and try to catch a nap)!

Our evening was perfect in all regards.  We had an excellent dinner and very, very companionable dinner guests … and the discussion ranged from billing codes (in the right company, it can be very entertaining, believe me) to Rachel Maddow, to our shared appreciation for Boltgirl and Princess Sparkle Pony.  I also learned of some new blogs … but the game seems to have erased them from my memory (at least temporarily).  Something about a Hobo … uh … can you help Dr. P?  πŸ˜‰

Oh, and we learned a new game – Bananagrams!  Boltgirl probably already knows about it – but you must check it out.

On the political front, voter suppression continues to be the darkly looming cloud over the increasingly Obama-esque landscape.

Bullworth Time?  Rocky times for the GOP.  We read that the Mavericks’ campaign is in dangerous disarray and the honeymoon appears to be coming to a rocky end in McPalin land. The video is definitely worth a peek – and here’s Brian Williams on his interview with the two of ’em:

“When you see the two of them together, the chemistry is just not there. You do wonder, is John McCain starting to blame her for things? Blaming himself? Is she blaming him?” asked the highly regarded NBC newsman. “And maybe they don’t feel they can win right now, so they are missing that intensity. That was the thing that struck me more than anything. You almost wonder why they wanted the two of them sitting next to each other.”

It’s the Shoes, Stupid!  Yeah – Princess Sparkle Pony has gotta be loving the focus on Palin’s Manolo Blahniks!  It’s just too easy, isn’t it?

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2 Responses to JordanCornblog is Dragging!

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hey, thanks for the info! I’ll add it to the “roll” tonight (assuming I can remember in my sleep-deprived state).

    And yes … excellent start. Love winning those close ones (and in Tampa no less)!


  2. Jodi says:

    Hey, jordy!

    The blog you are looking for is Hobocamp. Found at

    Congrats on your Phillies last night. A good start!


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