Help, I'm Stranded on Second – Save Me! Save Me! (Just a Bad Dream, Phillies Fans, Really!)

How many base runners have the Phillies stranded now?  I guess the glass-half-full perspective would be that they’re creating chances and will start cashing in eventually.  (Just hope “eventually” comes within the next couple of games!)  According to the NY Times the Phils are 1 for 28 with runners in scoring position – and Ryan Howard continues to struggle mightily.

So yeah, actually, the more I write the better I feel.  Stay with me here.  The Phillies are setting records for their failure to produce in games 1 and 2.  But the series is even (miraculously.)  Now they have a day off to get themselves home, think about things, and come back at it on Saturday in Philly.  They’ve been in droughts before and come back.  The chances are there – it’s not like they’re not getting on base.  They could snap out of this at any moment – and once those floodgates open up, watch out!  Ryan Howard’s last home run was a long, long time ago … September 26th against the Nationals.  He’s due.  Very, very due.

So I’m optimistic … and if I were the Rays, I’d be nervous, actually.  Yeah!  πŸ˜‰

On the football front, sounds like Tom Brady may have upset the Pats powers-that-be by going his own way on his knee surgery.  The decision seems to be backfiring for him now as he battles infection and potentially faces additional procedures.

In political news, Governor Sarah Palin is slated to deliver what’s being hawked as her first policy speech … on her commitment to families with special needs … at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott.  No offense to anyone in Pittsburgh .. or anyone with special needs .. but what the f%$k???!!!  (As one commenter noted … “Hopefully they reserved the big conference room.”)

While Palin prepares for her big policy speech, cooperation and decorum continue their downward spiral within the McCain camp … and the RNC. The vicious negativism that had been (and continues to be) aimed at Obama seems to be turning inward.  Karma is a wonderful thing, eh?  The corrosiveness and bile of toxic groups eventually eats away at them, in much the way that it does for toxic individuals.  (Meanwhile, the tree-huggers and crunchy granola types and union organizers and crazy liberal NY Times readers can just kinda watch and wonder … like at the end of the Wizard of Oz … remember?)


Nice clip.  As a metaphor for the Obama campaign … it works for me!

Early voting is exploding around the country – and Salon focuses here on Florida, where the lines have been long and problems abound.   Nearly half a million people voted in Florida alone, in the first three days that they could.  From all reports the Obama campaign is very organized and very active down there – and volunteers and lawyers are everywhere – answering questions and trying to correct misinformation.

Judging from what some people were saying — at the Tuesday night rally and among those voting the next morning — Obama’s campaign didn’t have to scare anyone into participating early. “I didn’t want to take a chance of something happening and me not getting my vote in,” said Rony Francis, 43, who directs operations for a transportation company. He waited 90 minutes to vote at the North Miami library, where most of the voters who joined him were Haitians and other immigrants.

“It’s always in your mind, especially after eight years ago,” said Al Morrell, 51, a truck driver, also from North Miami. “So you gotta be a little wary.”

The night before, Tasha Thomas, 26, who works at the University of Miami’s veterinary school, had told me she’d been besieged by weird, panicky questions from supporters since she started volunteering at the Obama field office in her Miami neighborhood. People thought they couldn’t vote if their voter registration card was starting to fade, or thought they had to go back to the state where they were born to vote, even if they lived in Florida now. “It was eye-opening, how much wrong information so many people have,” she said.

Oh, and SNL continues to score with its Thursday night offering.  This week?  Will Ferrell was back as Dubya – giving Tina Fey some pointers …and endorsing an unwilling John McCain.  You’ve gotta watch the video embedded in the link above.

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