On the Ground In Philly

Okay, I’m not quite letting go yet.  Here’s a bit about the chaos in Philly, post World Series win!  We begin in an anonymous house, somewhere in Philly, as the Phils close it out and some college students watch … then spill out into the street.


From there we move along toward Broad Street … sounds like they’re starting from Temple … maybe?  It’s a LONG walk to City Hall!


Just a couple of slices of Philly life!  Today it’s going to be mayhem down there!!  Back to the real world tomorrow … but I’m sticking with this for now!

Interesting site here- with Phillies contracts and salaries … what will next year bring?  And then of course, Phillies nation, with some great tidbits!  Tom Boswell sums it up with his usual aplomb … while Ben Reiter has a really nice piece in SI about Carlos Ruiz!  (Thaks for the articles, Gary!)

Finally, in a wee bit of non-Phillies-related news, we learn in USA Today that China had some big worries about a few US athletes (Abby Wambach among them) heading into the Olympics.  (Thanks for the Tip, truth!  You can all read more about this on truth’s site – Main Street USA!)  I’m with Abby (one of the worrisome) … seems almost an honor, to be perceived as that powerful and “scary” … kudos to those principled athletes!

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