'80 Phillies '08

There’s lots to be said for symmetry!  Indeed, back in ’80, the first time the Phillies won it all, yours truly was about to turn 28 … and now here we are 28 years later!  Yeah, symmetry!

On a chilly night in Philly, they did it again!  Go Phils!  Charlie Manual created a bunch of believers this post season … and Cole Hamels received well-deserved kudos as the series MVP.  Way to come through, underdogs!  😉


That training Scene from Rocky 1 still gives me goosebumps.  The quintessential underdog-prevailing story line – love it!  (And thanks for the shout out, RPE – now Go Bobcats!)

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama had a huge night.  There was his beautifully done, half-hour prime time video.  There was his rally with Bill Clinton in Florida.  There was his appearance on The Daily Show (you can view it here). Tonight he’s on Maddow!  And check out this telling ad!

Contrast all of this with the patent absurdity of Sarah Palin disdaining fruit fly research …or Olbermann’s piece on Sarah Palin, the Socialist!  Is there really any choice here, folks?

While we’re sharing video … here’s the premiere of 30 Rock … Tina Fey’s show!  Sarah Palin may not be winning McCain many votes – but she’s doing wonders for Tina Fey!

October SnowFinally, a quick update from HollyCornblog.  Upstate NY was treated to its first taste of wintry weather this week.  Here’s the scene at her house … lots of heavy, wet snow.  (And plenty more where that came from, I am sure!)

Peace out … and thanks, Phillies.

Daddy C is very, very happy, I am sure!

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3 Responses to '80 Phillies '08

  1. Thanks for the tip, Truth, I’ll check that out.

    And thanks, Stephen … having lived through many a Phillies melt down (Red Sox fans can relate), it is very cool to see them win.

    PS Hopkinton again, eh?


  2. Stephen says:

    JCBlog – congrats to you and your team, I’m psyched that somebody I know at least enjoyed the baseball post-season!


  3. truth says:

    Check out the USAToday story on Abby Wambach being put on a “troublemakers” list by the Chinese government before the Olympic games. Abby rocks.


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