The Candidates – They're Ambivalent and They Can't Help It. No One Can

Psychotherapist John P. Briggs, M.D. and (I assume) his son, J.P. Briggs II, Ph.D. who studies creativity and chaos, have written a beautifully nuanced study comparing and contrasting how McCain and Obama approach ambivalence, what this may reflect of their upbringings, and how this would affect their governing the country.

Their apparent level of empathy allows them to conduct a deeper critique of McCain’s erratic swings from disarming frankness to vituperative attacks to remorse. Because their study embraces the full spectrum of McCain’s temperament, I believe it presents the authors’ misgivings about McCain in a non-partisan and accessible manner to the wider public.

Clearly the writers consider Obama the healthier choice. I like how the Briggs identify what, to their mind, makes for effective decisions. I take to heart their suggestion that ambivalence is a necessary prelude to meaningful decision-making, to be honored and explored, though not sentimentalized.

I’ll be exploring TruthOut more in weeks to come…

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