Soccer and Sneakiness On Monday Morning

First the soccer news, which includes Angela Hucles’ 100th cap (in a career year for her) and another win (over South Korea) for the USWNT.  With two more games left in their post-Olympic Tour, it woulds like the team is pleasing Pia!

The NESCAC  Soccer Tournament is over for another year.  (Oh yeah, that’s the New England Small College Athletic Conference.)  Williams prevailed over Amherst in OT on the women’s side, while Amherst upended Middlebury on the men’s to win their first NESCAC soccer title.  (Not to be outdone by Amherst … in the Centennial Conference, the Swarthmore men’s soccer team won their first title, too!)

And I apologize profusely for being so remiss!  I discovered this morning that Beulah has been posting about the WPS domestic allocation and about Women’s College Soccer while I’ve been otherwise engaged.  Yikes – and thanks for the info, as always, Beulah!  The Women’s college soccer info, in particular, makes for great reading in the run-up to the tournaments.

Finally, in some sad news on the soccer front, we learned that Michelle French is battling a rare form of cancer …  Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma and Schelorsis of the Mediastinum, a Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  What sucky news!  We wish Frenchy all the best in her treatment and recovery!!

On the sneakiness front, we have this, from the Washington Post (and lots of other outlets) this morning:

The financial world was fixated on Capitol Hill as Congress battled over the Bush administration’s request for a $700 billion bailout of the banking industry. In the midst of this late-September drama, the Treasury Department issued a five-sentence notice that attracted almost no public attention.

But corporate tax lawyers quickly realized the enormous implications of the document: Administration officials had just given American banks a windfall of as much as $140 billion.

Yeah, the Bushies continue to loot and pillage (not sure about rape, but it’s probably in there somewhere) as their days dwindle.

Meanwhile, Barack and Michelle are visiting the White House today.  Wish they could move in right now … before more damage is done!

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