Off to the Woods

Before I head out to the lake this morning, a fond review of some favorite spots to visit … just to see what’s up one more time.  (You’d think I was going off for a month, wouldn’t ya?  The way I go on and on and on …)

Oh, and before I forget, we watched a reprise of The Daily Show last night.  One of my favorite lines definitely bears repeating.  An update on Sarah Palin (this from just after the election):  “Sarah Palin has been tagged and released back to the wild.”  Nice.

Okay – so let’s check some sites …

First, on Boltgirl, here’s a wonderful and heartfelt commentary by Keith Olbermann re. Proposition 8.  He cuts to the heart of the matter very movingly.

From Just Keep Swimming, we have an exhaustive (and I’m guessing exhausting-to-compile) list of keyboard shortcuts.  Thanks for the info!  I’d just add my recent, personal favorite, “Windows Key” D, which takes you back to your desktop.  Here’s the list I got that one from, FWIW.

Princess Sparkle Pony … is back on Condi’s case … and loving the new do! (Yay!) On Mudflats you can follow the still unfolding story of the election(s) in Alaska. (Is it just me, or do you now hear Sarah Palin’s voice saying the word, whenever “Alaska” appears anywhere?  Dang!) Truth continues the pursuit of … well, Truth … over on Main Street USA. And Margaret and Helen are unhappy about Prop 8, too.  Then there’s always Huffington et al.  God, all this is just making me miss my computer more.

I’m off to seek solitude (and get chilled to the bone in the process, no doubt).  Be sure to stop back and visit while I’m gone – I’ve got my robot (JordanCornbot, actually) on the case, and she’ll be posting as usual.  Not sure just what, but it’ll be something, for sure.

Peace out.

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1 Response to Off to the Woods

  1. Alice says:

    I’m back; you’re leaving–the comings and goings–makes life interesting: I look forward to your stories. O hope you return healthier than I did (and I was in mild Arizona). I’m feeling better today, thankfully, but too late to catch up with you before you head out. Will I have to see Frozen River by myself? What an awesome challenge you have left me with.

    Have fun!


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