Housecleaning – the Dubya Legacy in the Dumpster

I read, in Sunday’s Washington Post, About Obama’s plans to overturn hundreds of Dubya’s executive orders pretty much as soon as he takes office.  “While Obama said at a news conference last week that his top priority would be to stimulate the economy and create jobs, his advisers say that focus will not delay key shifts in social and regulatory policies, including some — such as the embrace of new environmental safeguards — that Obama has said will have long-term, beneficial impacts on the economy.”

Ah, can’t you just feel the fresh air coursing into your lungs?  Breathing again – what a wonderful feeling!  I can feel like Obama is a liberator for sure … and what generosity of spirit – to rise up out of our country’s dark legacy of slavery – and be a liberator for all of us!

If you’re at all nostalgic for the election season … check out some of these great Obama photos from Callie Shell.  They chronicle his journey – from before the primaries, right through Victory in November. Very moving, revealing, everyday stuff!  (Keep clicking on “Show More Images” – there are a TON there!)

Obama WaitingThe captions are excellent and informative, too.  Here’s what went with this photo:  “Waiting: Obama listens from a back stairwell as he is introduced in Muscatine, Iowa. It was his second or third speech of the day. Unlike many of the politicians I have photographed in the past, I find it is easy to get a photograph of Obama alone. He lets his staff do their jobs and not fuss over him. Nov. 7, 2007.”

Cleaning UpOr this one, which I absolutely love!  “I loved that he cleaned up after himself before leaving an ice cream shop in Wapello, Iowa. He didn’t have to. The event was over and the press had left. He is used to taking care of things himself and I think this is one of the qualities that makes Obama different from so many other political candidates I’ve encountered. Nov. 7, 2007.”

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1 Response to Housecleaning – the Dubya Legacy in the Dumpster

  1. Alison says:

    Thanks, Jordy,

    I appreciated learning about these fabulous photos. And yes, I can feel the air coursing back into my lungs.

    I came across another nice stash of photos of Obama and his family posted at the Chicago Tribune’s site:


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