A-Okay Today

Everything seems to be working just fine this morning – and my mood is definitely better than it was this time yesterday!  Added a cool translation widget (with thanks to the field negro for the idea. (They do my heart good, widgets do!)  πŸ˜‰

You’ve got to watch the video that Alison posted a link to – it truly is mind boggling.  Seriously.  And here are those Leningrad Cowboys again – in another video – Those Were the Days – indeed!


And then, from Doris, via HollyCornblog (and originating with Boltgirl … and most every news show I watched yesterday evening) there’s Sarah Palin managing to get lots of press (again).  The coverage has an odd twist – as it usually does with Sarah.  Gotta start wondering if she’s doing it on purpose … or if the folks surrounding her somehow have it in for her.  If you haven’t seen the fowl carnage already, here it is …


Must go do the week’s food shopping now … unfortunate juxtaposition, yup!  And later today?  Bookeaters go to l’opera!

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2 Responses to A-Okay Today

  1. I knew you’d be all over this! πŸ˜‰


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