Plaxico Weirdness? Chris Matthews Running? Other Sunday Sundries …

One of the oddest stories I noticed yesterday was about Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg. That seems a particularly inept and bizarre move in a strange year for Plaxico. The Redskins-Giants game was looking like a close call anyway – but now that Mr. Burress has removed himself from the field again (I’m assuming you don’t play after shooting yourself in the leg) my money is definitely on the Redskins.

Then there’s the interesting, ongoing back and forth about whether or not Chris Matthews is going to run for the Senate in Pennsylvania.  He’d be a Democrat – and I surely wouldn’t mind another Dem in there … but I’d miss Hardball!  Arlen Specter sure doesn’t look well, does he? Of the Republican pool, I’ve always appreciated Specter as a pro-choice moderate who would stand up to the right wing of his party.  But another 6 years at 78 and with a recurrence of Hodgkin’s disease this year .. seems a tough sell.  Chris is denying the rumors – but that just seems de rigeur at this point in the process. Who knows what’s really up.

I got very involved (overly involved, some might say) in updating my Firefox Browser – adding all sorts of bells and whistles that now have me pretty thoroughly confused.  I am so protected against phishing and viruses and other nasty intruders that it can take several tries to even get a new site opened.  Then there’s the weird behavior of my tabs.  I won’t bore you with the details …

I managed to watch a couple of episodes of 30 Rock on Cooliris yesterday and that was very cool.  The possibilities (for eating up time) are endless!

On the DI NCAA Women’s soccer front, the final four are set.  They are (drumroll):  Notre Dame-Stanford and UCLA-UNC.  (UCLA was the last to take a slot – after drubbing Duke 6-1 – yikes!)  The upcoming games are on ESPNU and ESPN2 on Friday and Sunday.

Time to get moving on the day.  Since the Eagles have already taken care of business for the week, all I really have on my football To Do list is to root against the Giants.  Or I wonder if I should actually be rooting against the Redskins, to help the birds’ play-off hopes.  Gosh – that would be difficult!)

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4 Responses to Plaxico Weirdness? Chris Matthews Running? Other Sunday Sundries …

  1. CB says:

    I have no idea what those acronyms mean. I re-took the test and scored 100.


  2. Stephen says:

    Firefox is easy pie. Must be your A/V or perhaps PEBKAC?


  3. I used to think I had half a chance of explaining Firefox – but not any more. I need to back out of some of the doo-dad’s I installed and get back to basics.

    As for the quiz … it was much harder than I expected – and WAY too heavy on the econ!


  4. CB says:

    Please explain Firefox to me. I am completely baffled. I may have to go back to Safari.
    By the way, I embarrassingly failed the civics quiz.


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