Some Monday Soccer Stuff, While NH Thaws Out

Phew – while NH continues to thaw out and hundreds of thousands continue without power, I guess one of the big dangers has to do with what happens as the ice breaks off of bent trees and they pop back into place (like recoiling springs).  Power lines that didn’t break as the ice hung heavy and dragged them down, might be taken out by the thawing trees.  (This recoiling is a danger to clean-up crews, too, as we learned n the aftermath of this summer’s tornadoes.)

Anyway, as NH thaws and gets back to normal, the USWNT has traveled to Detroit, where they will meet China on Wednesday for their last match of 2008.  Quite a year for the WNT, I’d say!  And now they’ve got Pia at least through 2011 … and the WPS starting up … and A-Rod coming out of college … and things are just looking damn good (with the rather glaring exception of the economy).

Excited Exerciser!Meanwhile, HollyCornblg sent this photo of a very enthusiastic-looking Zoey Hopbrew-Cornblog.  Her comment/question?  “Don’t you wish we all felt that excited about getting some exercise?”

Yup – definitely!

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2 Responses to Some Monday Soccer Stuff, While NH Thaws Out

  1. Good grief – yes – I checked and the comments were flying! At least there’s an INTEREST in the games … although I hear you – and a part of me misses those pre-Title-9 days when women could “play” sports in relative obscurity and just enjoy whatever game was being “played.” Too bad we can’t find a happy medium.


  2. Alice says:

    Since I missed the Tenn/Texas women’s b-ball game Saturday, and since either JordanCornblog neglected to provide an update re. the winner/loser or I overlooked it, I took myself over to the ESPN Women’s B-Ball site to find out the outcome. Ouch! I mean OUCH! Tenn. got royally slaughtered. I bet Pat is having her poor team doing pushups galore today. What happened? Is Tx the new Tenn or was the Tenn loss an early aberration? The comments on the site for and/or anti Tenn/Conn teams were particularly brutal. I was really put off by the tone of the criticisms; there was a personal viciousness I have attributed to those ultra-fans of male sports. Alas, apparently this overly aggressive reaction is not as gender-bound as I had naively thought.


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