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Randy Pausch

Apropos of my morning post, here are Randy Pausch’s brief comments at Carnegie Mellon’s graduation this past spring. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcYv5x6gZTA Certainly lots to reflect on …and lots of YouTube to explore

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Lost and Aimless Obama Supporters

You must check out this video from The Onion! (Thanks, ChristopherCornblog.) 😉

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HollyCornblog Smoked Porter Update

HollyCornblog’s home brewing skills are on display here as she deals with a very feisty (and most likely yummy) Stone Smoked Porter clone. First … here’s her big pot in action. The spigot is open and draining the beer from … Continue reading

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One Month After Election Day – Moving Right Along

The announcement yesterday of Obama’s national security team brought no surprises, but it wil surely be interesting to see how things unfold – most particularly between Obama and Clinton.  This piece from the Washington Post (by Michael Abramowitz and Glenn … Continue reading

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