Whither Marta?

In women’s soccer news, there’s the fact that the USWNT posted its final win of 2008 last night, downing China 1-0 in Detroit on the strength of a Heather O’Reilly goal. Pia’s team finishes out the year with a record-setting record:  33-1-2.  And maybe the even better news is that there were more than 11,000 people in cash-strapped Detroit who came out to watch the game!

There is also news of Marta.  Well, not really news, but increasing speculation about where she will be playing.  It seems to boil down to Sweden’s Umea, or the Los Angeles Sol of the WPS.  And apparently some folks are getting restive and muttering, “Shut up and sign!” – a sexist-sounding grumble IMHO.  Why shouldnt Marta negotiate the best deal she can for herself?  This is professional sports we’re talking about.  Will Matt Cassel be faulted for going after the best contract he can?

That said,I m rooting for the Sol to snag her … because it has suddenly occurred to me that, for the price of a Breakers ticket, I could drive to Harvard Stadium and see arguably the best soccer player EVER. (It gives me goosebumps – Marta and Kristine Lilly, too!)

In a rush this morning … sorry.  I’ll get up earlier tomorrow, I promise!

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2 Responses to Whither Marta?

  1. Now that’s a sentence that I will happily suffer – repeatedly, if necessary! (And I wasn’t only thinking of Michelle when I said ‘arguably’ – but she was certainly one player I had in mind!)


  2. truth says:

    Heresy! Marta could never have led a team by the greatest women’s soccer player of all time: Michelle Akers.

    I sentence you to watch the 1999 World Cup Final in the Rose Bowl.


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