Canterbury Bird Visitation Presages All Avian Superbowl

It’s gotta be Ravens-Eagles – obviously.  The universe has spoken!

Yesterday the dogs brought home a big, wild turkey carcass.  Willie did the heavy lifting, I’m sure – and Ruby probably took over once he had it out of the woods and at her feet.  (I am very happy to report that I was blithely working away at my desk in Concord, unaware of the carnage in Canterbury.)

By all reports it was pretty disgusting, with feathers scattered about, and frozen turkey flesh, and Willie puking up piles of virtually unrecognizable “stuff,” and the carcass needing to be gathered and gotten into bags (and away from our sweet, domesticated canine companions).  I am guessing that “kisses” from those critters won’t be real welcome any time soon!

Anyway – one housemate, who shall remain anonymous, was quite enamored of the feathers, as she sadly bagged the carcas last night.

Stovetop 1-10-09… which explains the scene in the kitchen this morning … which also explains why I have not had breakfast yet!

PS  Upcoming dinner guests … beware! 😉

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