DaddyCornblog's Rooting, Too!

DaddyCornblogThis is DaddyCornblog back in 1980, rooting for the Ron Jaworski, Dick Vermeil, Wilbert Montgomery version of the Eagles.  We’ve got the photo by the TV, where Daddy C patiently waits for the game to get underway.  He was disappointed in 1980, sadly.

He died on December 19, 1994 – the day after the Giants knocked the Eagles out of play-off contention.  The Cornblog family had always had a sore sport when it came to the Giants (as do most Eagles fans) … and 1994 really sealed the deal.  (Not that we blame the Giants exactly.  A lifetime of smoking probably had a wee bit to do with DaddyCornblog’s demise … but then, being a lifetime Eagles fan, and having to deal with the Giants annually, may have had something to do with the persistence of that unhealthy habit.  Hard to know.)

EaglesAt any rate, in true Cornblog fashion, while shoveling snow just now, I amassed a collection of odd facts and coincidences which, in my mind, assure an Eagles victory today.  For example:

  • When Bert Bell established his NFL franchise in Philadelphia in 1933, the country was struggling to recover from the Great Depression. New president Franklin D. Roosevelt had introduced his “New Deal” program through the National Recovery Administration, which had the Eagle as its symbol. Since Bell hoped his franchise also was headed for a new deal, he picked Eagles as the team name.  (Economic meltdown … new administration coming in … get it?)
  • In the run-up to the Superbowl in 1980 the Eagles beat the Vikings, and then the Cowboys.  (The Giants weren’t in it … as we surmise they won’t be today, either.)
  • There seems to be a fortuitous convergence between the Phillies and the Eagles.  In 1980 the Eagles started the year with a Superbowl appearance and the Phillies finished it off with a World Series win.  This time, we’re going by the fiscal year – which the Phillies have started with a World Series win – and the Eagles will finish off with Superbowl rings all around!)
  • We’ve got the Donovan McNabb, Andy Reid, Brian Westbrook version … a team that’s already been to the Superbowl once.  They know how to get there … and TO ain’t even in the picture.  How sweet to do it without him!
  • The Mannings have too many Superbowl wins for one family.
  • The bird teams have been winning this weekend.  No reason for that to stop!
  • I am wearing the same T-shirt, sweats and green corduroy shirt that I wore last week.
  • I am drinking only HollyCornblog home brew.

Anything else you can think of that needs to be done?  (Please let me know before 1PM …)


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