They Might be Giants, but the Birds Have It – All of the Birds – All of the Time!

Fingers crossed here for another good NFL day for the bird teams.  The Ravens I had with a win.  But the Cardinals?  Wow.  I just hope they didn’t steal the Eagles’ mojo.  (Nah … an unworthy thought to be having this snowy NH Sunday.)  If Ravens can bring down Titans, certainly Eagles can bring down mere Giants!  Anyway, congrats to Boltgirl on that win, as Arizona continues their pundit-puzzling (and therefore extra-satisfying) run deeper into the play-offs!

Did I mention that it’s snowing?  Just glanced out the window and it’s coming down HARD.  Looks like the fluffy stuff, thankfully!  This morning I’m starting to think about how to manage my blog roll differently so that I can get all the WPS stuff more easily accessible.  As the season gets closer – and certainly once we’re in the thick of it – it’ll be nice to have everything all in one place so news is more accessible … along with the trash-talking.

Amanda Vandervort, in her blog Soccer Science, has posted a nifty overview of where the 7 WPS franchises stand, player-wise, heading into Friday’s draft.  Since we’re unabashedly Boston-centric here, I’ll share her list for the Breakers …

Boston Breakers
Angela Hucles (Virginia)*
Kristine Lilly (North Carolina)*
Heather Mitts (Florida)*
Kelly Smith (England/Seton Hall)^1
Fabiana (Brazil)^2
Maycon (Brazil)^3
Shinobu Ohno (Japan)^4
Emma Byrne (Ireland)^^
Christine Latham, (Canada)^^
Amy LePeilbet (Arizona St.)**1
Nancy Augustyniak Goffi (Clemson)**2
Sue Weber (Hofstra)**3
Kristin Luckenbill (Dartmouth)**4

Memory is such a fragile thing, eh?  I had totally forgotten about Kelly Smith.  The Breakers’ attack is looking particularly strong to me at the moment.  Especially if you factor in A-Rod as their likely #1 pick.  For all the latest on the WPS, you can check out their news page.  And don’t forget to sign up for The League Insider and get all the latest WPS news right to your In-box (minutes, hours, often freaking DAYS before you’ll see it here on JordanCornblog)!  😉

Phew – I just realized that my mind has been off the Eagles for a good 15 minutes or so.  It’s an odd feeling – disorienting, but a little restful/refreshing, too.  I pause, here, and say a small silent prayer for Donovan, before continuing with other Sunday tidbits!

Okay –  the ongoing wrangling about the bailout funds continues, as Congress tries to stop the Bushies from looting the Treasury and the taxpayers further before leaving office.  I am glad to see Congress putting the brakes on this latest instance of Bush Administration malfeasance – but the beyond-ironic outcome might be that it hampers efforts of the Obama Administration to hit the ground running.  Hopefully, they will work it out …

Many of the measure’s provisions are being coordinated with Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy F. Geithner, who is planning to expand the scope of the rescue program well beyond the financial system to help ordinary consumers and homeowners, as well small businesses and municipalities. Frank said in a news conference yesterday that his bill might not be needed if the Obama administration promised to abide by its principles.

“It doesn’t have to be enacted. It would be helpful if it was,” Frank said. “We have smart and cooperative people in this [incoming] administration, I’m willing to accept their word that they will act as if it were the law.”

I note, as we focus on the US Treasury and federal fiscal matters, that today is the birthday of Alexander Hamilton – who set up the national treasury, the national bank, the first budgetary and tax systems … imagine how distraught he must be at the havoc the Busies have wrought!

Finally, and quite randomly, here’s a small anecdote about Diogenes and Alexander the Great that I heard on Speaking of Faith yesterday, when I was driving between destinations.  Krista Tippett was interviewing author Jennifer Michael Hecht about the history of doubt.  It certainly gave me a moment’s pause:

Alexander the Great: “Diogenes, you are a man of great repute yet you are a man without purpose and mission! All you do is sit about all day, untroubled, unperturbed, indulging in conversation and the pleasures of moment to moment life!”

Diogenes: “So, what is so much better about the life of Alexander the Great?”

Alexander: I am a conquerer of nations!

Diogenes: So, conquerer of nations, unlike my purposeless life what are you going to do next?

Alexander: I am going to conquer Greece!

Diogenes: Yes . . then what?

Alexander: Then I am going to conquer Asia Minor!

Diogenes: Alright . . then what?

Alexander: THEN I am going to conquer the WORLD!

Diogenes: Alright, then what after that?

Alexander: THEN I will relax and enjoy life!

Diogenes: Why not save yourself the trouble and relax and enjoy life right now?

Pretty nifty, eh?  There’s much more to the Cynics than I had realized.  (And I shall e-mail this small anecdote to each and every Giants player … right after I sign off.)

Go Eagles!

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