First off … has anyone noticed that it’s cold?  Damn cold.  (Just needed to say that.)  Imagine crash landing in the Hudson River on a day like yesterday and living to tell the tale.  Miraculous indeed!

I listened to a bit of Eric Holder’s confirmation hearing yesterday and was annoyed to hear the old hypothetical question introduced… you know the one … where you have a detainee who knows how to stop the detonation of a bomb that will kill millions … and you have to say whether it’s okay to torture her/him to stop the carnage.

Well I have another hypothetical.  Say you have a president or, maybe better, a vice president who has lied and cheated and looted and pillaged and done all manner of destruction to your country.  And say your country’s self-image and standing in the world could be restored if that villain were to come clean.  Say your country’s safety in a world that kinda pretty much hates and despises it at the moment would also be secured.  Say you had that person in custody and he wasn’t coming clean.  Would you be justified in using a tactic that he said was okay to use … to help convince him to talk?

I’m just wondering.

Oh yeah … Bush gave his farewell address last night, too.  I couldn’t watch – apparently it was the same old same old.

In much better news … catch the WPS draft today.  And congratulations to Joy Fawcett, who is in the Class of 2009 at the Soccer Hall of Fame (finally)!

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