This MLK Day I am simply feeling thankful for the end of a terrible era in US History – and the beginning of a new era of change and hopefulness.

PoeToday is the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe – who I am sure would respond with even more of his trademark melancholy than usual to the Ravens’ defeat.  Good excuse for a bender, I’m guessing!  (And I sure hope Willis McGahee is okay after that hard hit late in the game last night!)

Today is also the 34th anniversary of the death of my mother … who wouldn’t have cared a whit about the Eagles’ loss (or would have taunted DaddyCornblog in his disappointment).  MommyCornblog – a character worthy of Poe at his best, most days.  Let’s just leave it at that.

Yeah – today marks a point of change.

Bring it, I say, bring it!



The invocation … with interesting comments on the YouTube page.  Of course there is still work to be done …


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4 Responses to MLK Day

  1. CB says:

    Actually, you did not have to actually break the news to me. My mother saw the obituary and wrote to me to tell me. I was living on a Kibbutz at the time. No email, Facebook or Twitter to speed travel of the news. The cost of an international phone call was prohibitive, and there were no answering machines or cell phones.


  2. I remember that telling you was one of the hardest ones. My recollection was that it was way after 1/19/75 – like when you got back from one of your wandering-in-Europe-with-a-backpack treks????


  3. CB says:

    P.S. It’s hard to believe that considering all the news out there, this item managed to stake out a small piece of journalism real estate:

    • Bob May, actor who played the Robot on ‘Lost in Space,’ dies


  4. CB says:

    I’m confused. Were the Ravens defeated?? Are Eagles smaller than Ravens?
    Thinking back to 34 years ago, today.
    I subscribed to the Writer’s Almanac daily email, thanks to you.


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