Sub-Zero Sunday

It feels like Alaska here in NH this morning – and so my thoughts turn naturally to Sarah Palin.  She is a busy gal, you betcha.

Everyone’s read, if they follow her at all, about how she is blaming the press for the public’s perceptions of her … and stepping up to protect her family from those evil liberal journalists (and that darned Katie Couric in particular).

Apparently whales aren’t as lucky – our Sarah is working hard to throw the big guys under the proverbial bus in favor of gas and oil producers.  Specifically, she is fighting additional protections mandated under the Endangered Species Act for the Beluga Whale … scientific evidence be damned!

From the ridiculous to the sublime …we move on to Michelle Obama and a cool-looking site I just came upon called Michelle Obama Watch.  It looks like it’s a  site where readers can offer commentary on things having to do with our First Lady.  Let’s watch it!

Meanwhile, President Obama is talking turkey to the GOP … not being divisive, mind you, but very clear and very direct.  I love it (in my still-slightly-divisive little heart of hearts!

Speaking of hearts, check out this musical blessing to Barack Obama and his new Presidency from the Portsmouth-based a Capella group Voices from the Heart.  (Thanks, Paula R, for sharing this …are you in the video?  I didn’t see you – at least not on the first try!)


No football today … have you noticed? We do, however, have some good women’s college b-ball games.  Maybe Pat Summit will win #999 today!  It’s a tough match-up against Nell Fortner’s undefeated Auburn team … on a sad day … on ESPNU at 2PM ET!  Then there’s UNC- Maryland tonight.

SUNDAY, 1/25/09
Georgia Tech at Duke 12:00 Fox Sports Net/Comcast Sportsnet/New England Sports Network
Texas at Oklahoma 12:00 Fox Sports Net
Wisconsin at Michigan State 1:00 Big Ten Network
Tennessee at Auburn 1:00 ESPNU
Arkansas at Mississippi State 2:00 Fox Sports Net
Indiana at Illinois 3:00 Big Ten Network
Ohio State at Purdue 4:00 ESPN2
TCU at New Mexico 4:00 CBS College Sports
North Carolina at Maryland 6:30 ESPN2
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1 Response to Sub-Zero Sunday

  1. Paula Rockwell says:

    Thanks for posting the Voices video. Yes I am in it. I am blocked out by Joanne for the first part but near the end I am in it from afar on the left side, next to Mara. Can you find Waldo???


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