Super Sunday and What G Is

First off, is Andrew Card crazy?  He’s tweaked about Obama disrespecting the office of the Presidency.  Why?  Because Obama changed the dress code at the White House.  Good grief.  Is that what Andrew Card really thinks?  Is he a grown-up?  (And I loved the comments on this piece … especially the one about how the ties that the Bushies always wore cut off the flow of oxygen to their brains.  It’s a theory that works for me.  A little tighter and we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.)

Meanwhile, Tom Daschle joins the ranks of the tax delinquent cabinet appointees. I really do find it hard to understand how folks can owe so much and not know it … or not have the IRS banging on the door in some way that can’t be ignored.  Either our tax system is way too complicated … or these guys’ qualifications are seriously suspect.  And as the GOP happily jumps all over this, I want them to help me understand how it’s okay to have no real idea about where the first round of bailout money went (or where pallet upon pallet of hard, cold cash went in Iraq), but be outraged about a couple of guys’ tax problems.

Daschle spokeswoman Jenny Backus said that Daschle “expressed his regret, he knew he made a mistake and he was fully responsible for it. He fixed it to the nth degree by filing all these amended returns. He is embarrassed. He fixed it and answered all these questions about it.”

She added, “He is the one who brought it to their attention. It is a stupid mistake.”

We’ve had enough with the stupid mistakes, okay?  Eight years.  No more.  Please?

Here’s Obama’s recent weekly address on the economic crisis … and the “shameful” matter of the Wall Street bonuses.


Finally (my last political comment, I promise) …how cool that, with a possible-to-probable nomination of Judd Gregg for Commerce Secretary, Liz Hager could land in the Senate?  I am all for that … go Liz!

Other stuff?  A new addition to my links – the Women’s Hoops Blog.  How’d I miss this one.  It’s a great place to check for the latest on all things in women’s basketball!  I see that Maryland lost to Virginia.  So did they let down after beating UNC?  Or is UNC not what it had been cracked up to be?

Things are heating up on the WPS signing front … beginning with Marta inking a deal with the LA Sol.  Kelly Smith and Alex Scott were in Boston last weekend – but no word yet on a deal – which makes me a wee bit nervous.

Speaking of nervous … as an aside … I am getting a little worried (from a blogging perspective) about the convergence of March Madness and the start-up of the WPS.  It’s going to be a time management challenge, to say the least.

Go Steelers!

And in answer to the question that has been plaguing everyone I know (okay, not really) … what’s G?  Gatorade.







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