Swimming, Soccer, and other Sunday Stuff

I’m loving the warmer temps here in NH, as the sun rises on this February Sunday!

Jennifer FiggeHave you heard of Jennifer Figge?  She just completed the amazing feat of swimming from the Cape Verde Islands to Trinidad … at the age of 56.  (And I can’t even get myself to exercise for 15 minutes these days!)  She plans to continue her journey – from Trinidad to the British Virgin Islands … after a breif rest (and I do mean brief).  Here’s a description of her typical day:

Figge woke most days around 7 a.m., eating pasta and baked potatoes while she and the crew assessed the weather. Her longest stint in the water was about eight hours, and her shortest was 21 minutes. Crew members would throw bottles of energy drinks as she swam; if the seas were too rough, divers would deliver them in person. At night she ate meat, fish and peanut butter, replenishing the estimated 8,000 calories she burned a day.

Figge wore a red cap and wet suit, with her only good-luck charm underneath: an old, red shirt to guard against chafing, signed by friends, relatives and her father, who recently died.

The other cherished possession she kept onboard was a picture of Gertrude Ederle, an American who became the first woman to swim across the English Channel.

“We have a few things in common,” Figge said. “She wore a red hat and she was of German descent. We both talk to the sea, and neither one of us wanted to get out.”

Figge arrived on Trinidad’s Chacachacare Island, an abandoned leper colony, at 5:20 p.m. She plans to leave Trinidad on Monday night.

You can visit her Facebook page and become a fan here

Since my e-mail debacle, I haven’t caught up with all the feeds and e-mail updates that used to come to my Verizon address … so am a little behind on soccer news most especially.  So, for example, who knew that WPS unveiled its full schedule on Thursday!  Here’s the link to the actual schedule … where you can purchase tickets, see which games (so far) will be on TV … and begin tracking the Breakers’ wins for the 2009 season!  Opening day is March 29th, with the Freedom playing the Sol (that’s Abby vs Marta for some).  The game is at 6PM ET and will be aired on the Fox Soccer Channel (my one and only reason for appreciating Fox in any way).
Date                      Opponent                 Venue                           Time       TV

Sun, Apr 5         FC Gold Pride                 Santa Clara, Calif.         TBA        FSC

Sat, Apr 11       Saint Louis Athletica      HOME                            7PM

Sat, Apr 18       Washington Freedom    Germantown, Md.        TBA

Sat, Apr 25      Chicago Red Stars           Bridgeview, Ill.              TBA

Sat, May 2        Los Angeles Sol               HOME                           7PM

Sun, May 10     Los Angeles Sol              Carson, Calif.                 TBA

Sun, May 17     Washington Freedom     HOME                           TBA        FSC

Sun, May 31     Sky Blue FC                     Bridgewater, N.J.        TBA         FSC

Sun, June 14     Saint Louis Athletica      HOME                           TBA        FSC

Wed, June 17    FC Gold Pride                  HOME                          7PM

Sat, June 20     Chicago Red Stars           Bridgeview, Ill.            TBA

Wed, June 24   Washington Freedom     HOME                          7PM

Sat, July 4         Sky Blue FC                      Bridgewater, N.J.      TBA

Sun, July 12      Sky Blue FC                      HOME                         TBA        FSC

Wed, July 15    Chicago Red Stars           HOME                          7PM

Sun, July 19      FC Gold Pride                  Santa Clara, Calif.      TBA

Sat, July 25       Sky Blue FC                     HOME                         7PM

Wed, July 29     Washington Freedom    Germantown, Md.     TBA

Sat, Aug 1          Saint Louis Athletica      Edwardsville, Ill.        TBA

Sun, Aug 9         Los Angeles Sol               HOME                          4PM

 WPS Playoffs

Sat, Aug 15       First Round (#4 at #3)  Home of #3 seed         TBA

Aug 18/19        Super Semifinal
                          (Winner at #2)                Home of #2 seed          TBA

Sat, Aug 22       WPS Final
                           (Winner at #1)              Home of #1 seed            TBA

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