B-ball Schedules, Misc Stuff, & a Modest Proposal

Sorry for not keeping better track of the women’s b-ball slate on TV … we totally missed the boat on that Tennessee-Georgia match-up (and could easily have watched).  Darn!  Here’s the schedule for today (Central time … remember.)

MAC wildcard game 11:00am ESPNU
Kansas State at Baylor 11:00am Fox Sports Net
Northern Illinois at Kent State 12:00 Fox Sports Net
Villanova at Seton Hall 1:00 Big East Sports Net
Indiana State at Illinois State 1:00 ESPNU
Oregon at Arizona 1:00 Fox Sports Net
Kansas at Missouri 1:00 Fox Sports Net
Northwest Nazarene at Seattle Pacific 2:00 CBS College Sports
Lehigh at American 3:00 ESPNU
Iowa State at Colorado 3:00 Fox Sports Net
Binghamton at Albany 3:30 TW3
UConn at Marquette 7:00 CPTV

So what else is going on today?  I’m off to Portsmouth for an opera … sounds like it’ll be a LONG one (>3 hours with two intermissions).  Wonder if bringing a laptop would be frowned on … hmmmm.

After that Bookeaters have a “meeting” to discuss our latest book (which I have not finished and will need to make a confession about).  The book?  The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.  (Who knew that Junot Diaz was an MIT prof?  Practically a neighbor.  I could have asked him about all the stuff I didn’t understand!)  Anyway – it’s a wonderful book … I’m just excruciatingly slow at getting through things these days.  Oh yeah – we’re “meeting” at the Green Monkey … a great spot!

Finally, the sad news about Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s cancer brings to the fore the judicial choices that will be confronting President Obama.  My modest proposal?  What about appointing Anita Hill?  She has kept her hand in the business and seems quite well respected.  She’s a professor of social policy, law and women’s studies at Brandeis University, and was, in 2007, a visiting scholar at the Newhouse Center for the Humanities at Wellesley College.  I think she’s make a nice counter-balance to Scalia and Thomas – and it would be nice to see Clarence Thomas squirm just a bit.  Wouldn’t it?

Let’s buy the man a coke and watch the fun.  Come on, Barack – the guy deserves to be very, very, very uncomfortable.

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