Congratulations, Pat!

Pat Summitt’s Lady Vols gave her a solid, at-home victory over Georgia … and her 1000th win last night!  She wanted to hit the milestone at home on the court named after her – and she did – thanks to her “Baby Vols” – a team that includes 7 freshmen!

How does she do it?  Leadership – according to Mechelle Voepel.  I love the snippet of a scene that Mechelle describes at the start of her post …

Wednesday during a teleconference with Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, someone who had called in apparently was in a room where people walked in and started joking around.

At least that’s what it sounded like. Summitt was talking about preparing for Georgia… and then we heard some yucking up … and then Summitt paused.

“Somebody having a party?” she asked.

OK, you can read that sentence and imagine it being said in various tones of voice.

But here’s the tone it was: “I’m not mad, but it sure wouldn’t take much.”

Can’t you just imagine yourself sitting in that room?  I assure you, I’d be hitting that mute button damn fast (assuming I could find it)!

Ironically, even as they achieved this milestone, the Lady Vols may be knocked out of the top 15 for the first time in MANY years.  The parity in D-1 women’s hoops seems particularly marked this year (with the possible exception of UConn – a team that is looking rater unbeatable at the moment).  It could make for a very interesting tournament this year!

Other news?

Harriet and FriendWell … Fox (and other Murdoch enterprises) suffered some huge losses (can you say 6.4 billion) in this most recent quarter.  (Oh, I am so sad …)  And then there’s the shocking evidence of informality in the Bush White House …

Yes, it’s true – a jacketless Dubya is show here respecting the office and talking to his friend (and future Supreme Court nominee) Harriet Meiers.

Here’s Obama (part 1 of 3) rallying the troops … looks like the later “chapters” haven’t been posted yet (as of this morning).  Nice job, O!


Last thing – check out Boltgirl’s post about Maddow on Martha Stewart.  Wow is all I can say.  Wow.  Rachel mixing drinks … 😉

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