Thursday Idea for Obama

Thanks for the great post, Stephen.  I’m in the midst of an audit at my day job, and so have been a bit neglectful of the JordanCornblog part of my life.  Things should be calming down soon, though.

Been thinking about the stimulus plan and I have to say that the one I like best is the one introduced by Jon Stewart.


Seriously.  It gets rid of the consumer debt (no need for those bad banks) … gets money into the economy via the “trickle up” route that has worked in the past.  Where’s the downside?  Yeah – some folks might be getting money who “don’t deserve it.”  But you know what – I’d much rather see little guys who “don’t deserve it” get the money … than fat cats who “don’t deserve it.”

I’m going to tell Obama about this, somehow … I think it’s the way to go.   Trickle Up … and infrastructure, too.

(And no, I don’t personally have a lot of credit card debt … so the self-interest angle isn’t operative here.)

Barack – are you reading this?   How can I get this onto your Blackberry?

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