Saturday's Address from POTUS and Other News

Obama is on the road pushing the stimulus package – and here’s his Saturday message.  While I remain somewhat mystified and somewhat uncomfortable with the banking end of things … the stimulus package seems a no-brainer to me.  As Robert Kuttner writes:

As the recession deepens, if Obama does his job he will mobilize public opinion and isolate Republicans who would rather sink the economy than give a Democratic president legislative success. The current recovery bill is a good first step.

Let’s get this done, people!


So why is Jeanne Shaheen on the list of Senators working to strip money out of the stimulus?  Write to her and ask … I will.  Here’s her contact information … and I see we’ll have to call – looks like she doesn’t have e-mail????  Wonder why she’s just about the only Senator without an e-mail address listed … very odd.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen
Democrat – New Hampshire
DC Phone: 202-224-2841

I feel overall cranky and quick-to-anger when it comes to Shaheen.  I was psyched to see her elected, given the alternative … and psyched to see her become our senior senator (again, given the alternative).  But my level of trust was sorely shaken by her long ago veto – when she was Governor and NH repealed the Death Penalty and she did not let that stand.  I will never understand that – and always feels disappointed/slightly mistrustful.

So anyway, Jeanne – could you get your e-mail set up and let us contact you more easily?  That would be very democratic of you … thanks!

In the meantime, here’s a nice site for tracking Shaheen’s work in the Senate – from a Progressive perspective … and another

PS  UNC vs Duke in women’s b-ball tonight … BE THERE!

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