Tuesday Starting Slowly …

I’m running late this morning, partly because I’m still getting caught up in playing with my new, upgraded, WordPress dashboard! I see that I lost the locations widget in my sidebar. Guess I’ll have to work on that tonight!

We watched the Duke Tennessee game last night, and Tennessee looked incredibly rattled by the Duke defense. They came within striking distance a couple of times but never really got any momentum going. Duke is looking more and more like a contender, and I’m happy to see coach P. Doing well!

What else? We’ve had a string of beautiful days here in New Hampshire, and it begins to definitely feel like we’re turning the corner toward spring. The quality of the light has changed significantly, and the dogs are getting very restless and unsettled. I think that means that the deer are moving. Depending on how things go this late winter/early spring, we may need to make another decision about whether or not to feed the deer.

Sounds like Cheney is a tad peevish with Dubya for not pardoning his tool Scooter.  We like it when Dick is po’d and out of office.  We hope he’s miserable.

Finally, here’s A-rod – having steroid cream applied – thanks to The Late Show for this footage!


I get back on track shortly, I promise. For now, gotta run!

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